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  1. Will not refer to this Forum. The T&C’s were outlined on the back of the receipt although I don’t know if my mother was alerted to them. If you think I should add anything else to my post after giving the company feedback for your future readers I would be pleased to do so. Many thanks again
  2. Unbelievably out of the blue the company rang us earlier today promising the delivery of the chair. It has now been delivered and they apologised profusely. I posted a bad review of the company on Google which they were aware of and they promised my mother a £100 refund if I should remove the review as it was effecting sales. My impression of the company is that they have a terrible customer service as they have never rang us or given legitimate reasons for late delivery and even said at one point that the chair was available. I suspect they have a sales network being paid on commission giving unrealistic delivery promises. I would have accepted good reasons and intend to ring them to give them feedback. Many thanks for everybody's help. Jim Isherwood
  3. Yes got a receipt with salesman’s signature. Thanks Jim
  4. Cheque was cashed 26th Feb do I was assuming nothing could be done but will inform bank anyway now. Not found any other premises / shops associated with this company.
  5. The company is Orchid Mobility of COLCHESTER. I am sure this is just a registered office where other companies are registered. Their advert was carried by the Sun newspaper as recently as April 21st. The company has only one officer the M.D. who is a Marc Anthony Bridges an accountant born July 2979. I think it is the same person as the Marc Bridges an accountant who was born same month and year and who lives at 38 Hunters End, Trimley Saint Mary, Felixstowe. The chair was ordered after a phone call to their 0800 1223 850 number. The salesman a Mr Doug Thomson (07738 218783) came in an SUV and was given a cheque.
  6. Struggling at the moment finding my way around the site. I think I have turned off private messaging by mistake and not sure what it means or how turn it back on. Which part of the forum did you say my thread has been moved to? Thanks for quick reply and help.
  7. My 89 mother invited a company to quote for a reclining chair after seeing advert in National Press. The company is Orchid Mobility and not the company recently featured on tv’s rogue traders. She ordered a chair and unfortunately paid by cheque as they wouldn’t accept a card. They said she would get priority delivery if she paid in full which she did (£1395). I was on holiday by the way and was unaware of this. The order was placed on 19th Feb with a 4 week delivery promised. The chair has yet to be delivered and now we are in May. Numerous phone calls have resulted in blatant lies telling us the chair is finished but too busy to deliver. Delivery dates given but never met etc. I have sent recorded delivery letters giving ultimatums but they have never responded or returned calls. They are still answering their phone and hence still taking orders from old disabled people. I rang citizens advice and they said police not interested and they said after the recorded letters follow up with small claims court. I have traced the company directors name from Companies House but can’t find his residential address or I would ring his home. Cannot definitely find him on Facebook but I think I know who the culprit is. Any advice welcome to get the money back and get this lowlife stopped.
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