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  1. There is a ccj against me around that time so they wont let this debt get statute barred. They will use the letter they sent me to start this debt all over again. if you think sending the letter i planned to won't help then my only other plan is to offer token payments of £1 per month.
  2. I just wanted to send some reply or they will carry on without me after 7 days they gave me to reply (they held back the letter 4 of those days) so 3 days to reply some kind in OP of replying in first letter. thats why i wrote that letter as its classed as a reply if its not the one they want.
  3. if there is any CCJ record for me im guessing it was done from northhampton being a debt of this age, if companies or corporations want to go around laws thats the place they will do it. this debt should be statute barred
  4. i'm trying to search though northhampton bulk records now but its hard to find there own records for 2014 they cover their tracks, but i am going to start looking there first
  5. ah sorry i thought you referred to northhampton bulk centre courts where most cases are judged online and they have no judges their. a place where you find most ccj's against people from debt collection agencies and most councils. if they do have a ccj against me in 2014 then i was sure it will be from there.
  6. now that i understand, i don't claim to be a freeman of the land stuff but i do believe there are things going on at northhampton bulk centre thats unlawful and illegal and them there selves dont like to claim liability
  7. the original signed agreement i signed with 3 uk phone service, when i bought that broken phone. Instead of me proving i don't owe money i want them to prove that i do. This is a pretty old debt that's now been past to a 2nd collection agency and i want them to put some effort into giving me what i ask for. There is something wrong with this debt because i've delt with lowell about this debt before and they was never polite like bw legal if i found out someone had a debt and wrote to them don't they have a right to ask me of proof i have a right to ask for that money? thats what i want to ask them. most agencies don't no much about the background of the debts they try to collect
  8. My next move is to try and buy some time and send them this reply, hopefully documentation has got lost over the 8 years BW Legal Ref No. LIT/S65$$$ Enterprise House, Apex View, Leeds, West Yorkshire. LS11 9BH 30th April 2018 Dear Sirs In regard to your Letter recieved on 28/4/2018 Before consideration of any private information as your company requests I first require further informaition from your company and your client Lowell Portfolio Ltd. 1:- I Require a copy of your complaints procedure 2:- I Require a copy of the original Signed agreement as covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 3:- I require a full financial breakdown of the alleged Debt I inclose £1 Postal order which is intended Only for payment of copy of original signed agreement and under no circumstances to be misconstrued as a payment for the alleged debt. Please send all Require informaition Within the timeframe allowed by law of 40 days of the date of this letter. Please note that copies of all correspondence will be recorded as evidence. look foward to hearing from you. yours sincerely wayne $$$$$
  9. I have took no interest in lowell's colourful letters in years and made no contact with them at all but every other important e.g. bank driving licence ect I informed I moved and even poll register so i wasn't hiding. Cant check ccj until tomorrow when I get paid as my bank is empty. I'm unemployed and I don't get benefits so live day to day.
  10. I did move but lowell found me and started sending me letters here around the time they claim they took me to court.
  11. My main question is can they keep taking this same debt to court, i held lowell off for years i can hold bw legal off for another 2 years if they don't take it back to court. I don't care about credit ratings as I don't like using credit I'm a cash only person.
  12. How do i do that please I haven't delt with debts before only this one.
  13. Hey, im hoping to get some advice on a debt that just won't go away. It started when I got a contract phone from 3 uk and the phone didn't work properly. I asked for a replacement but they said they could only repair so it went off for repair for a week and I got stuck with one of there lender brick phones. Then I got it back but it still had the same problem so again it went for repair and I got the brick lender phone again. Week later I got it back and still was broken, so i went in saying replace this or I'm ending the contract. They offered to send it away again I refused and took all add ons off the contract but they wouldn't let me stop the contract itself so i told them to stick the contract and left. That was about 2010 when I cancelled and refuse any more contact with them. Not long after lowell bought the debt and hassled me every week or 2 with colourful letters for years. I refused to have any contact with them at all. After years the letters got less and less until they stopped. Last letter I think was 5 years ago and they went quiet. A couple of weeks ago I got a very polite email from bw legal on behalf of lowell asking how they can help me settle the debt with lowell. I instantly sent back a statute barred reply because the debt was so old. I got a reply from them saying lowell took it to court in 2014 so not statute barred. I received no court judgement sent to my address. Now they are politely asking me to fill in a means form or do it online but i dont want to do anything to reactivate this debt for even longer. Can anyone give any advice I just refuse to pay on principle if anything.
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