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  1. Thanks for that but they can claim for upto 6 years. but i knew it would come back. the thing is the person who stated that he wrote the tickets out at 7.22 for both me and my sons mate but all 3 of us arrived before 7.22 as we opened this PCNs and it said 7.22 but we checked our phones at 7.22 on opening
  2. Yeah I saw that but I don't think that is recent. I am unable to create a PDF file so can I reply to your word do through this way,is that ok
  3. Hi All I parked on Private Land Car Park 30/04/2016 when I went to the cinema with my son and his mate. I worked out that the film should finish and give us time to get back to the car park in time so as not to get charged for additional parking ie £60. However on getting back to the cars we both received(my sons mates car) parking tickets. Well we were furious as the 3 of us checked the tickets and the time it was issued and it said it was issued at 19.22 and time first observed at 19.12 (tickets were 3 hours £2.80)and expiry was 19.11. my sons mate got his ticket at exactly the same exact times as well. we were both parked next to each other. However I wasn't prepared to pay £60 or £100 or an additional 11 minutes not when I could have paid an additional 90 pence for an additional hour. The 3 of us also checked our phones as they stated it was 19.22 so the ticket wasn't issued at 19.22 as it states on the PCN. So I wrote to them politely explaining this (Er yes I didn't know about not telling them).and stating the fact that the government had said there should be some leeway regarding parking.But I'M NOT PAYING £60 FOR 11 MINUTES OR 1 MINUTE.I have kept all the information regarding this as I knew it would come back to haunt me, I have received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus regarding the charges but i'm STILL not prepared to pay the £160 but I am prepared to go to court over this, Any one with advice as to what to do now?
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