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  1. I'm exactly in the same situation as I posted on the 15th of May. My OOT was rejected by TEC regarding my London Parking ticket. They told me I have to fill in the N244 and pay the 100£ if I would like to appeal again. Someone told me that I should attempt to get Consent from Lambeth to set-aside the Judgement and that in this case, the Court Fee is £100 and there is No Court Hearing? Thanks for your help..
  2. Ok. I will have to fill in the papers by myself (N224).. Any advice on how should I proceed? I read that I should call Lambeth and "attempt to get Consent to set-aside the Judgement"? Thank for your help...
  3. Apologies for that. I contacted BA, and I got help me to fill in all 3 OOT's, so I'm waiting for that answer from the Court. However, I can't contact BA at the moment, perhaps BA is away... I have 14 days to fill in my documents and 5 days have passed since they sent me the letter. So I'm starting to worry about it...
  4. Hi, I filled in an OOT declaration regarding a parking ticket, last month. However, the information I put on this form was wrong (because I've mistaken the case with another PCN I had, which I also didn't know about (never received any letters from the Council at all, due to V5C address not updated)). For this reason, TEC has refused my application. In the letter TEC sent me, they say that I should look for legal advice before contacting them and that I should fill in an N244 form. Can you please recommend me someone that I can contact to help me to fill in the forms that I
  5. I'm sorry for taking so long, but at work I cannot get on the phone They told me: times are for each of the 3 of them: 11:53min; 11:12min; 11:53min. How can they charge me twice for the same time? They told me to call TEC and explain them what's happening to get the correct forms first? Do you think I should ask help of a solicitor for all this?? I have the proof that when I called the DVLA back in 2015, they updated their records online for payments etc but they never told me to send the V5C. So I didn't know that it haven't been changed... all went wrong from here.
  6. YEs, it is the same offence. The Bailiff yesterday told me that it was related to the Pulteney Bridge in Bath. All I can think is that I pass there 3 times (I was looking for parking and I clearly didn't see the signs). The PCN for London I have the number as it was related when I parked in London (they left the parking ticket on my window screen) when I made the mistake with the plate number. All the info I submitted for the TE9 and TE7, I applied to the London PCN basing all the info I wrote there on the enforcement letter I got from Bath (It never occurred to me I have committed a
  7. Hello everyone... I have news. This situation is MUCH WORSE than what I was expecting. I've been crying my eyes out since I called the Bailiffs... So this is the situation: I phoned the Bailiffs and explained them that I couldn't understand why I had 3 letters if it was only one penalty charge from London. (other times I called them, they never denied that it was from somewhere different than London). The notice of Enforcement that I received with 3 letters inside it's not from London... It is from Bath!! I went in October, Sunday to visit Bath for the first time and parked m
  8. That's a good tip too! I checked the plate number and it is a Bus that has that plate.. I didn't know about that "fat finger syndrome", thank you. I've been in the UK for 5 years now. When I came, I was told that I could keep my driving license that was no problem as it was the European one. When I called the DVLA about the V5C they always ask about my driving license and it was never a problem...
  9. Hi, Please feel free to be critical. Thanks to you I now start to make sense of everything that has happened... Unfortunately, because time was against me and TEC asked me to fill in the papers ASAP, I couldn't search for advice before. When you say that I can have the application reviewed after rejected, is it referring to Lambeth Council or about TEC's decision? I didn't know I had to put everything exactly like you're telling me unfortunately, because then, I could have added much more details. I phoned the DVLA this morning and I had my address for the direct debi
  10. Hi, Thank you for your reply. - I filled in both TE7 and TE9. I put on the TE7: "Following my informal appeal, I never received the Notice to the Owner to be able to make a formal appeal. I only received on thursday, 05 of April 2018 a letter of "Enforcement Process Commenced" from Bristow and Suttor requiring a payment of 754£ by Wednesday, 11th of April 2018. I am asking for this Enforcement Process to be put on hold and time to receive the Notice to the Owner and make a formal appeal please. FYI, I moved to X on the 14.08.2017 (Proof attached). - Date of Lambeth's rejectio
  11. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the Bailiffs are not on hold. They called me Saturday (28.04.2018) and said that they haven't been notified of anything. They wanted to arrange a payment and that I have until Wednesday (02.04.2018) to pay.. Should I call TEC and ask about this? I don't really know where can I ask for help...
  12. Hi, my name is Vanessa. Can please anyone give me some guidance regarding this problem that I'm going through? Please see the full story below: Last year I went to London and parked my car. I didn't have any change with me, so used the application "Pay by Phone" to pay for the whole morning car park. 12£. When I got back to the car, I had a penalty notice on the windscreen. I came home and I was sure that I had paid for it, so I appealed for it online. I thought this "paybyphone" app was something new and that the officer maybe didn't check my car plate online.
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