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  1. just been doing my latest jobsearch on find a job and saw a job that I wanted to apply for and clicked on the apply for job button it took me thought to the employers website and it said job expired and this happened with the same job on 21 September 2018 and happened again today 3 October 2018 the job is: Sales Assistant (Chatham, South East/Southern, ME4 4NZ, Go Outdoors).
  2. my local jobcentre expect me to still look for work ideally a full time job even though I have a part time job under a zero hour contract.
  3. i am pleased universal jobmatch has now closed and replaced with find a job the dwp staff as come up with a crafty way to know what you are doing jobsearch wise and the crafty way is to get to do a reclaim for benefits and get you to create a universal jobmatch account where you have to put down what jobs you have applied for and also upload your cv. you are not able to do this on find a job and dwp staff do not have access to it. I knew from the first announcement of find a job replacing universal on 25/4/2018 that the dwp staff would find a crafty way to find out what you ar
  4. I just saw this job: Sales Assistant (ME4 4EP, Darker Enterprises) advertised on find a job and then went to Google maps to find out where it is it is in Chatham area of Kent and according to Google maps the shop is now closed. so it asks that question is this job Sales Assistant (ME4 4EP, Darker Enterprises) a fake job.
  5. I have discovered that you can search for jobs by miles from on the advanced search section of find a job service you just need to fill in the appropriate boxes with the info you need for your search for jobs and it will just all job search sites go by as the crow flies meaning you will get jobs that you would like to apply for and find they are too far from home for you to get to in the 90 minutes limit you have on your jobseekers agreement it does seem that you will have to an account on find a job service and allow your job coach see you find a job account even though it is beli
  6. I have noticed while job searching on my find a job account that the jobs advertised on this site only seems to be for certain types of work like management, hospital and other highly skilled jobs which are no good to me or lots of other jobseekers using this site to look for work.
  7. I have just discovered on find a job how to find the latest jobs click on the box it says most relevant and change it to most recent and then you will see all the new jobs that has been put on find a job since your last visit to find a job.
  8. I have noticed on find a job service and there as been no new jobs advertised on the website since 17 may 2018 and the old universal job match website (shutdown date 18 june 2018) has no new coming either are employers giving up and decided to stop using government job wesbsites and use non government website they trust instead.
  9. it is said DWP staff do not access to find a job service but I am reckon that they will find a way somehow by doing something like threatening to stop a jobseekers job to see if you are regularly using the service to look for work.
  10. yes I agree that this new find a job service is not as intrusive as universal job match but when looking for jobs to apply for you notice that you see jobs repeated a couple of times, jobs you have already applied for and jobs that you cannot apply for because you either do not have the experience for the job or you need to drive to get to the location of the job due to location and start and finish times of the job and DWP staff do not have access to it.
  11. one of the positives is that you no longer have distance from because you can select the areas you want look for on the location bar on the left of the page and dwp staff only get to look at your find a job if you let them as it is not compulsory because only employees and employers are allowed access to the new website and you get job alerts sent to you email address.
  12. adding to my last message I put on here earlier another you cannot do on the new find a job service is record job search activity from other websites. you cannot find jobs in your local area on this website and is run by azduna which is not a very good website either. I have just created my account and found the new find a job service is worse than the old universal jobmatch. this new service does not give jobs to apply for when you put your local town in the location box you have got through a long process which is select south east England and then kent on the left hand side
  13. I have also seen about universal jobmatch changing to find a job service I do hope that this new find job service is better than universal jobmatch as I found universal jobmatch was just like most jobsearch sites rubbish for jobs because I would like many others click on a job I am interested in because it is said to be located in Sittingbourne and when you read the details of the job I would say the this job is located in I village on the outskirts of Sittingbourne miles a way from a railway station or bus route meaning if you do not drive the job is not worth applying for as y
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