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  1. The N244 can be used to stay and vary a judgement - even when you click on the link it takes you to the .gov page which says the same. The application has been made, nothing has been done in error, the I&E can be completed when needed. At the moment the OP is being told to spend another £50 to submit an N245 which isn't needed. There is no way an goverment department is going to kindly write out an N245 for anyone for free. I don't really see why you want to argue about it.
  2. It costs £50. Plus the OP has already said they paid £50. Google EX50 for form fees. Scroll down to general applications:
  3. Sorry, got to come in here. Splishy, the N244 is absolutely fine to use - it's a general application form that's used for stays, set-asides, variations and warrant suspensions. You don't need to spend another £50 on an N245.
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