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  1. Had this out with eBay and spoken to multiple managers, but they don't allow people to change feedback. Silly if you ask me.
  2. Thank you for your fast reply. The value of the case is only £9.99 and I'm not really prepared to go to court over this. Are there any other options? It seems to me the company knows they can fob people off (and give them completely wrong information), because no one is actually going to spend the time and effort taking them to court.
  3. I purchased a phone case from the company Spigen through their eBay store on 6 November 2017. Over a month ago, I discovered there were cracks on the back of the case. Neither the phone or case have had any form of impact since purchase. I contacted Spigen and asked if they are able to help. They refused because I was outside of their three-month warranty, and offered me a 'slight discount' from any new purchase. I explained that I am covered under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but they continued to reiterate that they cannot help. The company has also refused to use an ADR scheme. They also said that when I purchase an item with them, I automatically agree to their terms and conditions which entails THEIR returns/refunds process. What are my options????
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