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  1. Sorry for weird posting, tried to edit but thought it would add to end of message and can't now edit as past 10 minute rule. So lets try again. After sending an LBA, Parcelbroker got back to me and have accused me of breaching the contract by directly contacting DHL customer services instead of going through PB. They have also offered a 'gesture of good will' payment of £102 which is the cost of the item but does not include lot surcharge, PAT test, calibration etc because they consider that a 'consequential loss' There has also been no offer of paying back delivery cost but they have
  2. Edit: I mean consequential loss not consequential cost
  3. I am sole trader. I have tried to contact them again before writing an LBA but they have not bothered to respond so writing an LBA now. Is this acceptable for an LBA? (I have removed personal details) "I have not received a response to my email sent on the 6th of April 2018 requesting payment for the parcel lost in post. I am writing to you again to request a refund of £109.20 for the Racal 1998 plus £20 for PAT test, clean and repair as well as refund for delivery cost to Germany of £22.14 (including insurance coverage). I believe I am due this money because you brea
  4. Thankyou for your quick response, I will send them a letter of claim tomorrow. To confirm, I paid Parcelbroker the money - they are the same service as parcel2go etc. The parcel sold for £185 which is what I insured it for. Delivery cost to Germany was £22.14
  5. Hello, I despatched a parcel to Germany via DHL through Parcelbroker. The customer contacted me roughly 3 weeks after despatch to say the parcel had not turned up. I contacted DHL who took about another 10 days to try to trace the parcel and confirmed it was missing. I then put in a claim to Parcelbroker who have rejected the claim because it was after 12 days from collection. I insured the parcel for sale price. This seems quite unfair that they can do this as it takes time to deliver abroad and even longer to try and trace it. Is there anything I can do about this?
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