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  1. Can't be because I park on a driveway with my passenger wing mirror on the opposite side to my neighbour's car. Also I got in my car at home and didn't get out until I got to work. Hitting something is the only explanation I can think of.
  2. Hi All, Here is the story: I check my car daily to make sure there are no new noticeable scratches and I did it last night and there were none on my wing mirrors. After driving to work and parking on the road this morning, I pushed my passenger wing mirror in as always to prevent it being hit and noticed 2 pretty big scrapes on it. The problem: I have no recollection of hitting or scraping my wing mirror on anything, then it occurred to me that I may not have known if I had because I put my music quite loud when driving as it helps me focus. Then I started worrying that maybe I hit and damaged a car and then remembered reading about the offence of failing to stop. I decided to call 101 and report that I may have committed the offence and told them 3/4 locations which I drive through to get to work as it would have happened in one of those locations. My question: If I did hit a vehicle and it's reported to the police what are the penalties? Bearing in mind that this is my first motoring offence (other than the 1 parking ticket I have ever received as a driver), I've been driving for almost 3 years and have no other criminal offences. I've read I could get disqualified from driving, up to 10 points and a fine of up to £5,000. Is this correct? Thank you in advance for any help.
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