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  1. Hi , this is my first post. Yesterday I went through a horrible situation. I was in London designer outlet I have been caught of shoplifting after I left gap. The manager of gap and the security of the outer took me in the back . They asked me to open my bag , I tooked everything out . ( I had 2 items from gap, 1 from Nike and one from next ) they didn't call the police , they took my name , my address and my pictures. After and other security came to take my id and my picture . I never felt so bad in my all life. today I m even feeling worse . I m scared about the consequences . They said I will receive a letter but they did not specify which kind . I was in a total panic , 3 man asking me question made it even worse . I never had any criminal record . I never did this before . I really would like to know if with the ban from all gaps and from the outlet which they gave me I will also have a criminal record . I work in a shop and I'm really scared they will enter my dates in the database and from my work place they will see it . They didn't ask mr to pay , they banned me for 24 months . I m in a total panic . I m feeling really bad about myself and really bad about my future . Which consequences all of this will bring up ? I would really appreciate your responses . Many thanks
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