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  1. Thanks for replying. So, yes i did have the contract... sort of. The contract was taken out in my name by a 'friend' who said they would cancel the contract and I would not owe. They took the phone and sim packaging etc and gave me £100. Yes, I was stupid. But can they prove it, or do I have a way out?
  2. Hi All, Received a county court northampton form for lowell. An o2 contract. I've asked for proof of this from lowell and as it was taken out online, there isnt much they can prove. They said they have requested statements but these will show blank. Contract was not used, only the phone (which they eventually blacklisted) If i'm honest I lived at the address for a month and have no link to it, which was where the contract was set up and sent to. Can I disagree with the claim and ask them to prove it was me who took out the contract? If not, what can I do? Thanks,
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