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  1. There's no loans on my credit file. 2 defaults by payday loan companies and 2 for something else.
  2. Nah, I must have had around 4-5 at the time though I it'll be difficult to find out the companies which I had it with. So should I do a proveit letter first and then a IRL with lantern?
  3. So if I ignore and block this email. Lantern never taken a CCJ against anybody? Cause if they decide to do one against me I wouldn't even know about it.
  4. So do I contact them by email and ask which debt this is in relation to?
  5. Hello guys. I need some help. I received this email below from lantern. I have received emails from them over the years about this same debt but I do not know which payday loan debt this is in relation to as it doesn't even say. I'm thinking maybe pounds to pocket. I'm pretty sure this is in relation to paydays loans I took out in 2012. I need some advice because my credit rating is shot and I need to try and get it back into the green. My question is; 1) Should I finally make contact with them and ask them what this debt is in relation to? What should I say?
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