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  1. So I should post on lifestyle fitnesses Facebook, twitter etc?? Even if the issue is with Harlands? No they haven't sent letters so far just emails so makes it seem less important if they can't even be bothered to send an official letter!
  2. I didn't post publicly no but it's for lifestyle fitness not exercise for less
  3. Hi Slick update on my case! After my last email to them I received no reply so assumed that the case was settled after explaining they were putting unneeded stress on a pregnant woman! Today I received an email from CRS claiming I owe £268 now!! Considering my last email was a month ago to which I received no reply, I don't know how they dare send a debt collector after me wanting more than quadruple what they last said I needed to pay to settle me account! Hoping for some advice on my next steps as this is panicking me and at 7 months pregnant it's definite the last thing
  4. Hi, I cancelled my DD with Harland's earlier this year after speaking to a member of staff at the gym who told me this was an adequate way to cancel since I was pregnant and could no longer fully use my membership. This month I received an email from Harland's asking me to pay £100+ in fees due to cancelling my direct debit. I rang as instructed and was asked to provide proof of pregnancy and that by doing so the amount would be cleared and the account cancelled. After sending proof I received an email saying I was required to pay £52+ in order for them to cancel my acc
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