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  1. Rang vanquis today, after much huffing and puffing and asking to speak to someone further up the food chain I managed to get my account number. I cheekily asked if they could tell me the default date on the account but was told the office that deals with that was closed (bank holiday) but if i call back tomorrow they may be able to tell me. I will send a sar anyway, if memory serves i'm positive the outstanding balance was made up of charges and interest accrued on said charges. Will the sar give details of the default date or do I need to ask for it? For anyone else con
  2. Hi, I opened a credit card account with vanquis in September 2005 and stopped paying them around early 2008 as they were hammering me with charges and i'd pay them what they asked for and the next month there'd be another charge. Obviously they must have defaulted the account and sold it on to lowell. I've only recently been checking my credit file and noticed that the default date for the account is september 2013. The cynic In me feels that lowell.s may have done a bit of sleight of hand with the default date as I doubt vanquis would have waited over 5 years to put the account
  3. A quick update, no reply from Experian yet but I noticed the account has now been removed from her file , unfortunately after checking elsewhere it is still showing with equifax and call credit etc. Guess I'll need to fire off a letter to FRF to ask them to remove them all.
  4. Thanks. Came home today to find my wife had lodged her concerns with experian and they are looking into it, they say it could take up to 28 days but they aim to get a resolution as soon as possible. Guess we will just need to wait and see how it goes. Thank you very much for your prompt replies, I will let you know how I get on.
  5. thanks for your help. No, I have lived in the same house for 25 years. No, I have had no contact from them at all, I thought I would have gotten the usual offer of re-finance after the agreement ended, but presumed the late payments may have put them off.
  6. I can only go back 72 months on the experian site and it is showing 2 months late payments all the way back till then. Hardly surprising when the agreement started on March 2004 and ended on April 2008. If there was an outstanding balance why not contact me? Surely they cannot keep updating an inactive account like that for 10 years?
  7. Hi all, need a little help. Way back in 2004 my wife needed a car for work, as our credit wasn't great at the time we ended up going with a company called First Response finance. The interest was horrendous but it was all we could get so we went with it. As far as I can remember we missed a couple of payment but caught them up over the agreement term (48 months) 8 years ago my wife was promoted and received a company car so she gave her old car to my son. She was made redundant 2 months ago but was offered a better job with a rival company but had to have her own car.
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