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  1. Hi there, sorry to post this as I'm sure everyone keeps asking, however i have had a scoot around the site and can't seem to find an answer. Have there been any updates on this case that is happening as I sent off a letter to my bank months and months ago but I understand that we can't claim back our money until an outcome has been reached? Does anyone know what is happening and if there is an eta on it!!?!?! I wish i would have claimed my charges back first instead of my boyfriends for him because he got £900 and then i got sweet fa as just as i sent me letter off this court case s
  2. Hi there, what is happening with bank charges now though, because I sent my prelim letter off about a year ago but then there were notices up on here saying that there was a court case on to see if the charges were going to be legal or not, has there been an outcome of this yet as i haven't heard any further from natwest? thanks xxx
  3. I've finally got all my bank statements and I am now filing a claim for £624.00 so wish me luck folks! x
  4. Thanks for all of your advice, I'm doing an access request for a copy of my file! I'll let you know what happens!
  5. Right I've entered all the charges now, and it comes to £1420.00 :o Just about to send the prelim letter. I take it that the address to send it to is the one in the Barclays contact thread Freepost RLTA-CSUE-TCHC Barclays Bank plc Head office customer relations 1 churchill place london e14 5hp Thanks for your replies I hope to help others with advice if I am successful with this! x
  6. If there any experts on motor insurance claims out there, I need your help! Someone has put a claim in against me for whiplash, for an accident I know nothing about. It is from July 2005 and has been going on since then. I have been contesting it on the grounds I have not been involved in an incident, however the third party solicitors are about to issue proceedings against me, and my insurance company (well my old one, i'm with a diff co now) are saying they are not going to put a defense in as they think the third party will win and that i am going to loose my four years no claims
  7. Thank you so much for your advice, I have used the google one that has kindly been put up for us. I've decided to claim just for the basic charges and no interest for the moment, that sounds a bit complicated for me! So far up to March this year it is £1330, just got to get statements from March until today, think it should be nearing £1800 and that's just for my boyfriend, i'm also going to be doing mine against Natwest!
  8. Hi there, just about to send the prelim letter with the schedule, I read somewhere that you send it without the interest at first, does that mean that you just delete the coloumn at the end where the interest it? Sorry but I have searched for the answer and can't seem to find it. I'm using the normal (not advanced) excel schedule template. Thanks
  9. Please can you tell me where you sent you Pre-lim letter and whatyou wrote in it! I'm just waiting for my statements to see how much they owe me then will be sending my first letter!
  10. Called up and requested statements going back to 30th June 2000 which they said they are sending me within two weeks for a fiver. I couldn't wait any longer after they have just put another £38 charge on my account today Fingers crossed
  11. okay thanks! I'm going to do it for my boyfriend as well and his are over a grand so they might be more resilient with his, we shall see! Thanks for reassurance
  12. I have added you to my friends list
  13. Before I start the ball rolling next week I would just like to clarify a few things. What is the worse that can happen if I am not successful in claiming back my charges? Two points I have gathered from the forums is - they don't pay up so I lookse my £120 claim fee the bank closes my account down are there any other implications, especially financial wise? Saying that, all the threads I have read on here seem to be success stories? I am just worried because I never get charges on my account but have recently had 3 as I am very broke at the moment, and they ar
  14. thanks bonnita i think i will, i am absolutely fuming with them at the moment! i'm going to start the ball rolling next week along with claiming my boyfriends back also!
  15. Thanks guys! I'm going to do it to reclaim my charges of around £200 from Natwest too! I will start my own thread next week when I have posted my letters! Thanks so much guys, I am so excited about this, yet scared at the same time as it does seem complicated!!!
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