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  1. Thank you all for your help and advice, I have sent an email asking Myjar to add a default dated September 2012 and reminded them of ico guidelines. I am not holding my breath but it's worth a try. If and when they refuse I will make a formal complaint regarding irresponsible lending. I will keep you updated. Cheers
  2. Ok I will get the ball rolling with the irresponsible lending complaint, hopefully they will remove it from my credit file as that will be the only negative entry on there as of September this year.
  3. Thank you again, If they were to agree to backdate the 'AR' marker to December 2012 would the whole credit agreement drop off my credit file in December 2018 or would just the AR marker drop off and the rest stay on my file until 6 years after the settlement date?
  4. Thanks for your response, The amount I was repaying to myjar was around £6 a month. There are no entries on my credit report up until November 2014 as myjar have stated to me via telephone this is the date they started reporting to credit reference agencies. There is a 1 marker from November 14 until July 15. July, August and September then have an 'AR' marker and October has a 'ST' marker.
  5. Ok thankyou, I will try going down the irresponsible lending route but think this will get rejected from Myjar as I only ever took out 2 small loans with them and repaid one of them on time. I am not so interested in receiving any compensation, the main concern for me is that the Myjar loan will stay on my credit file until November 2021 with arrangement to pay showing on it.
  6. Hi I am after a bit of advice on whether it is possible to ask for a default to be added to a settled account. I initially took out a txtloan ( now Myjar) Payday loan for £100 on 23/02/2012, this was repaid on 08/03/2012. I then took out another £100 loan on the same day which then went into arrears due to financial difficulty, I had multiple payday loans which were taking up the majority of my wage on payday. I entered a dmp later that year with the lenders receiving their first payment in December 2012. All of the loans are now either settled or satisfied. I am looking t
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