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  1. Thank you all so much, will keep you posted x
  2. correct, there are no signs upon entrance warning of parking restrictions only on the fence or lampost near garage Brassnecked; will do and thank you.
  3. Thankyou, These companies and their tactics are dispicable. So, just ignore the letter?
  4. hi, have just recieved a letter from Trace debt recovery for the amount of £160 for the original "parking offence" please find attached letter please advise. many thanks trace debt jan 19.pdf
  5. I work on getting the photo of sign, probably this weekend. Thank you HB
  6. Thanks, there was a sign upon entry, which was way above eyeline, would this make any differnce? So to recap; wait untill they threathen court then appeal?
  7. Hi, I received a PCN it has a date and time in but no exit time I was there around 10 mins I did not leave the car, Kids went in to the macdonlds there to collect take away You could always park there previously The sign upon entering is above head height when I sat in my car thats when I became aware of a sign; if parked there I would be liable for a charge, I left straight away I will try to take photos but the place is some distance away. Many many thanks for any help. 1 Date of the infringement 04/11/ 2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received wit
  8. Thank you both for replying, So, what do I do now? I dont have to tell them who was driving? After reading your replyies I am starting to feel calmer.
  9. Have had reply yesterday please see attached letters appreciate any guidance. Anxiety levels are high because of parking eye letter. Thank you for your patience. PE reply to sppeal.pdf
  10. Did as advised and have sent it off this morning, fingers crossed thank you everyone for your imput x
  11. Hi, Was wondering if anyone is available to check over the last post. Im anxious to send it off/ Do I just tpy my name at the end or as the registered keeper/ thanks
  12. If anyone can give me an opinion I would be really greatful. I can then post it off tomorrow. Thanks again for your help and patience. Sorry for any time I have wasted. x
  13. How about this? Im trying really hard..... Dear Sir, A parking charge notice of £100 for the lido car park in Clifftonville margate kent was sent to The Registered Keeper of the vehicle at this address. The wording on the sign via the entrance to the car park is an invitation to treat which only then becomes a contract once The Driver has submitted monies into the machine. Since The Driver never submitted monies into the machine no contract was entered into, therefore no contract has been breached therefore your parking charge is unenforceable. The other sign is stating not
  14. Dear Sir, This is what Ive done so far, opinions/help please.........and thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much I was sent a parking charge notice of £100 for the lido car park in Clifftonville margate kent I spent a total of 13 minutes in the car park, the BPA code of practice clause 13.2 and 30.2 states the driver should have a minimum grace period of 10 minutes to decide if they wish to enter into contract with you. As the BPA clause states a minimum of 10 minutes should be allowed I feel 13 minutes is not an unreasonable amount of time and should fall within this exemptio
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