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  1. thank you to you all you provide a great service and i shall be sure to mention your name whenever i hear that someone is having these kinds of issue in the future
  2. here you go as promised http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/16218198.Pensioner_wins_battle_for_refund_on___3_200_television/
  3. Hi quick update the company came and collected the television yesterday and gave Fred a cheque for a full refund all over and done with m,any thanks for all the help given here .The story in the Bury Times i still going ahead and im assured the group will get a mention Andy
  4. GDPR, i feel your pain and after being involved with GDPR at our place for a while now it did make me think a lot more about lawful basis and consent etc and i have been very careful at each step with Fred to make sure he understands me and what i have been doing on his behalf. I spoke to him re the press visit tonight and it is going ahead as per plan if only to give other some exposure to other people who may be in the same position. I can assure you that Fred although 93 now is still in control of his faculties and GDPR deadline isn't until 25th May i am glad all this should have been sorted by then Andy
  5. I think he was unsure so he erred on the side of caution and i did say well done to him !!! I can go over this afternoon and take some pictures of the set to make sure they don't differ to ones that may be taken at the shop after collection. He has also asked me to unplug his DVD player as i think he is sending the whole lot back looking forward to Friday and the imminent resolution of this Will keep this thread posted
  6. Just spoke to Fred and 2 people called this morning to collect the television.Fred told them he was not willing to let them take anything until he received a full refund , they arranged with him to return on Friday with a cheque for the full amount and he said he will then release the TV and DVD player to them.I will go over later and take some pictures of the set confirming it is in the same condition just in case in there are any problems Andy
  7. Well update Fred has received a phone call telling him 2 men are coming today to pick up his television i did ask whether he was getting a full refund but he doesn't know is there anything i need to be aware before they come i am at work today but i could nip out i suppose. He did mention that one of the people coming is the Director
  8. Hi i did have a look at the first bit but the whole thing is big is Friday night i'm having a beer and watching football will have a read through it tomorrow
  9. I know now that they have received pre small claims letter and it was signed for by the person who i sent it to hoping that might spur him into some action
  10. Sorry to keep asking questions Fred is now registered on MCOL when i start the claim do i claim against an individual or an organisation ? thanks and i cant guarantee there won't be more questions
  11. Well they have no email and I'm not sure whether Kath Kathleen or Katherine or Kathryn so I will do his tomorrow I know Fred isn't too well at the moment so I don't want to go and disturb him Andy
  12. I have posted the letter today recorded delivery and some press involvement too possibly a big boy on our side i will tell you if it looks like its going to happen
  13. One last question looking at the receipt it shows 23rd March is that the contract start date or is the date it was delivered the contract start date? Also i did not inform them until the 11th April when i emailed them
  14. Installation was the removal of the existing stand (it was on wheels) which i believe was done way from the house and attaching the easel stand and then bring the TV into the house installing the blu ray player and setting up freeview
  15. The reason why i claimed less was because there was no price mentioned for the Blu Ray player it was classed as included according to the receipt and there was an £150 charge for installation which i thought would be due as they did actually install iLooking at the bill i tottalled up the listed item the TV the Stand and the Remote I am happy to take your letter and whilst i was writing i did think maybe im including too much i will re write it and post before i send it Andy
  16. Here is the letter i intend to send please can anyone look over this and advise me of any errors or omissions this is template from an online source If all ok i will get this signed tonight and post recorded tomorrow thanks Andy
  17. Thank you i still plan to ring them although this may happen this afternoon now the whole situation leaves a really bad taste in the mouth if i get anything back from the phone call i will update this and will try to phone the Bolton Evening News and see if they are willing to do a story thanks again Andy
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