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  1. ok fair enough ,will wait and see what happens
  2. They asked me to confirm my position by that date
  3. Thanks So who do I send the witness statement too ? and when do I send it ? Should I call shoosmiths before 4th July ?
  4. its shoosmiths i have attached the paperwork IMG_20180627_0002.pdf IMG_20180417_0001.pdf
  5. Hello I received this letter Arrow global V xxxxxxx Lender MBNA Account ref xxxxx Claim number xxxx We write in reference to the above matter. Please find enclosed a copy of our application for a summary judgement which has been filed with the county court business centre today. At this stage we ask that you consider your position and confirm if you are willing to consent to our clients application. It may be that our client would be willing to forego the recovery of some of its legal costs but this is something we would need to discuss with you before seeking furth
  6. Thank You will update if I hear anything
  7. There are no other t&cs included just the half pages I attached , What should I do next ? Thanks
  8. Thank you see below all correspondence recd last week IMG_20180418_0001.pdf
  9. Hi I have already been through those steps back in 2016 responded to a claim from Arrow with CCA request etc and the case went no further until last week when I received the letter above ,I cannot locate the original claim paperwork . I have completed as much information as I can below .Thanks Name of the Claimant -- Arrow Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to. I cannot locate original claim form as I defended it with help from this site and have not heard anything until last week.
  10. Hello I received the attached letter from Shoosmiths relating to a mbna credit card from 2003. I defended a claim at Northampton CC in Sept 2016 they were unable to provide me with any information relating to the debt. I have received the following 1. A letter -copy attached 2. A signed agreement although I'm not sure which card it relates to as I had 3 mdna cards 3.income and expenditure form 4.default notice from IDEM 5.default notice from mbna 6.Assignment letter from arrow Not sure what to do next any advice would be much appreciated IMG_20180417_0001.pdf
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