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  1. Ok I will do that, I will keep you updated on progress. Thanks
  2. Yes Andy, I did see that report in the news. I’m sure I will still have to contact them both separately through letter because of the different accounts that correct?
  3. Andy thank you. Ok that’s what I will do, I will check out the template letters for a brief outline of what to put and how to put it. I will do that and keep you updated on any correspondence I receive or don’t receive as will lol probably be the case. Thank you all for all your help and guidance. Dx no consumer debts just a littlewoods and a very but I’m certain they are the same shop direct company, I missed the very payment so I’m sure I will hear off them too soon.
  4. That’s what I shall do, I will write to them offer them a small payment amount per month and then we shall take it from there. Yes of course priority bills are up to date, Thank you very much for getting back to me
  5. Yes this is very early on, I won’t be able to catch up, my husband has taken a cut in pay and hours and we are now just surviving, I need to ensure that my mortgage and priority bills are paid, this is going to carry on for the foreseeable until financially my circumstances improve, but obviously that won’t stop them because I owe them money. I can understand that but the charges are going to be going on every time I miss them along with any interest they want to put on, I was unsure whether to carry on like this for now or whether I needed to write to them or where
  6. The monthly payment for last month was £206, there has been a new statement issued from customer arrears team stating that I need to pay the £206 to bring the account up to date and also the new statement balance of £226 which also includes the £12 charge for late payment, so the amount they want off me now is £431.45 to bring the account up to date.
  7. Thank you Fko-filee I appreciate your help. Much appreciated
  8. The mobile number has been removed now and the home phone number changed to a made up one.
  9. I will do that, PPI was already checked on the account and it was found to have none apparently however they have charged me £12 lots of times for paying the day after the due date. Do I write to them to tell them I can’t afford to pay them? Thanks again
  10. Hello, Thank you for your kind welcoming, I have only received one call on my mobile since they switched from calling the house phone, I’m unsure how many times they called that as I unplugged it because nobody else uses that number, They called me on my mobile at 13:07, I just let it ring out because I knew it would be them too. This morning when they called the home phone at 8, it’s school morning rush hour, and I didn’t really want to have a conversation with littlewoods when my children are running crazily around the house. I would understand if this payment wa
  11. Hello, I’m very sorry I don’t think this post is in the accurate place, I couldn’t find where I needed to post. I have an issue with Littlewoods and Very. I have been with them for about 6 years, I owe £6000 to Littlewoods and £500 to very. I have always maintained payments up until 10 days ago when I have missed my first littlewoods payment due to have some financial difficulty. I received a few text messages from them saying they haven’t received my payment, which was fine. That was until today, I have now unplugged my home phone because I was in double figures on the calls I
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