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  1. Shall I request for that for the PWC case? If so, do you have a template I can use?
  2. Apologies I was just double checking. Thank you for your quick replies, I will update the thread once I receive another letter, if that's ok.
  3. I see, so I'll just ignore everything and not communicate with them until another letter comes along, then I'll post here. What if they threaten legal action? Is that just empty threats?
  4. Shall I just wait for another letter for the PWC then? How would you recommend I arrange repayment? Shall I sign up to a repayment or verbal agreement to pay back into my PayPal account (for PWC), they're on 2 separate accounts Btw.
  5. Did you enter a payment plan with the DCA?
  6. Did you receive any letters from the DCA?
  7. In the future won't this alleged debt be sold on?
  8. I've read everywhere PayPal don't do court but the debt is now with Wescot, so they don't do court either? Won't the debt just be passed onto someone else? Thank you for the quick reply, Btw I have a similar situation but for PayPal Working Capital, around £1,500, I stopped paying as ebay suspended my account and couldn't pay back for it. Arvato just sent me a letter today, similar to wescots. I had to agree to a contract for this one, shall I do the same with this? Just ignore it? Both letters seem similar and both have not added any fees.
  9. Do you have an update on your situation?
  10. Good evening all, First time posting here and I'll try include everything in this message. I would really appreciate anyone's help on this matter. I sold an item on eBay and the buyer claimed back even though I sent proof of postage, it was a signed for service but I do not have their signature but tracking shows the item as being delivered. They didn't accept my case. PayPal didn't care as the initial case was with eBay. My PayPal account was in minus for a sum of £900 for around a month and a half, PayPal wouldn't listen to me just kept forcing me to pay even though I didn't have the funds to. Last week I kept receiving phone calls from a random number and 2 days ago I received a letter from Wescot. They claim they are acting on behalf of their client to recover the initial sum (no added fees or charges). How do I proceed? I don't intend to pay as I've been robbed of a laptop and my money. Couldn't care less about them limiting my PayPal account either to be honest. I've read loads of forums about the 3 letter process. I found templates on [removed] do you advise I do this? I don't really want any of these people carrying on chasing me. If I send these letters will I still have the option of entering a repayment plan if they still keep pestering me? I've not made any contact with them as of yet. Just need some advice. If you require more information I will happily provide. Thank you.
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