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  1. Ok I understand, the trouble is I'm paying the other creditor 8 times more than I'm paying Tesco, could this be why they 'refused' the offer? Thanks for the advice, I'll just reply with a short letter stating the balance for the other creditor and nothing else, right? I might be sounding a bit ahead of myself but I just don't want anyone knocking on the door.
  2. Good evening all. I've received a letter from Tesco stating that they want to know about a certain payment to another creditor and the balance of that account. They also said due to the level of arrears on my account and the low payment offer I made that's it's necessary for them to issue me with a default notice followed by a termination notice and that I'll receive these in the post shortly. They also mentioned that after the default and termination notice that my account will be transferred to the recoveries department, does anyone have experience with them? Will it just be me making an agreement with another department? Without sounding silly, what do I do? Send them a letter with the balance I owe to PayPal? They want a reply within 30 days. Also they said they will default and terminate my account then further down the letter they state if I don't reply within the 30 days that's when they'll automatically default and terminate my account They've put my account on hold till a certain date by the way.
  3. Last time I sent the letter in they called me multiple times to accept the offer and to set up the standing order. OK I'll just mention the date I'll start paying in then.
  4. Hi, I'm about to send another letter as my situation hasn't improved, in fact it's gotten worse. I can only £5/month after cutting back on everything. I was wondering whether there is formal way of requesting that they get back to me via letter? I have anxiety and speaking on the phone amplifies it.
  5. Just phone calls and letters from DCA. Move on like everyone else is saying.
  6. over 28 days since Arvato said they may do something and all they have done is sent 1 letter and 1 email. Westcots have given up calling too.
  7. Quick update, Tesco were really helpful and agreed to a lower payment for 3 months and they will review my circumstances again after 3 months. Thank you DX! You don't ask you don't get.
  8. Just out of curiosity have you read anywhere about PayPal taking further action on someone with a negative balance?
  9. Another update RE the PayPal Working Capital debt, they sent another letter saying contact us ASAP otherwise account will go back to PayPal and they MAY seek legal action to recover this debt.
  10. You're right, I'm going to send it as it is with the minus then and offer them an amount accordingly. This place has helped me ease my worries so much I appreciate your help.
  11. I need both for my work but I've tried to reduce them down a lot too, around £20 for both So do I send it off and leave it as it with the minus figure? If I show them that I have just about enough won't they just decline my offer?
  12. This is the only debt I have. The large portion of my expenditure is direct debits for gas, water, electricity, car insurance, road tax, Internet, mobile phone. I've had to have a very frugal lifestyle for the past few months so other expenses are at a minimum already Do I send them the i/e sheet with the minus or do I change it so it looks like I have just enough? I can just add my parents money as an income from my job
  13. i'm at minus £200 odd for the month, I have been borrowing money from my parents to cover the payment for the past few months, do i mention this? so i'll most likely be offering £200/month, this isn't an 'insulting' offer is it? thank you
  14. Thank you! Do I include this loans repayment as an expense?
  15. Good evening all, I took out a unsecured personal loan around 2 years ago with Tesco bank. My financial situation has changed quite a bit in the past 6 months, lost a family member, dealing with depression and anxiety and due to this my self employment businesses sales have plummeted. I got a part time job to help cover my living expenses so i'm trying my best to keep up with all of my payments. My outstanding balance is just over £16k. Monthly payments just under £400. The past 4 months I've been paying late. At the end of every month I end up giving every single penny I have toward this loan payment. Tomorrow I am planning on sending this letter off I found in the forums. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387346-Ask-Creditor-to-Accept-Pro-Rata-Payments-**Correct-as-at-October-2013** I was just wondering where I can find a I/E sheet? and do I include this loan payment in that sheet? Also what is considered a reasonable offer that they would be inclined to accept? Is this the best way forward? Thank you in advance
  16. Calls last around 3 weeks then they'll get collection agency involved.
  17. Hey, Mid January I bought a laptop from Aliexpress worth $890 around £670 at the time. The laptop arrived faulty I contacted the seller and returned it. After the seller received it they claimed the laptop wasn't inside the parcel. I opened a case with Aliexpress and uploaded all the evidence from the courier proving the weight etc but they still keep asking me for the same info. Long story short they are quite incompetent and don't understand English well. My question was can I apply for a charge back from Natwest? I paid via my Visa debit card. If so, how would I carry it out. Thank you
  18. Quick update regarding the PayPal Working Capital debt, ı received a letter saying I should contact them within 14 days otherwise they will consider taking further action.(that was the correct iirc) Carry on ignoring?
  19. Hey, have you got an update with what you done?
  20. Thanks I will read up tomorrow morning and come back if I have any questions. Just trying to make sure I get the right information.
  21. Right I see so they'll send it to me if it gets that far. I understand thank you. I just wanted to be sure I'm not doing the wrong thing. Thank you again.
  22. Hey any update with your case?
  23. The notice of assignment. Or do they send it to me?
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