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  1. What do you reckon are the chances of prison? (Best guess)
  2. They transferred money to brothers account to withdraw from a atm. there was no loss on his behalf
  3. 1. No loss to brother 2. The money was used to pay debt collectors off threatening to take their possessions 3. There was a charge of battery and making off without payment (fuel), no insurance and tax. There was many withdrawals but all on the same account, like 10 in total.
  4. There was a number of events and the said person had 50,000£. Yes the offender hasnt been in trouble with the police since was a teenager
  5. 30 years old No No Dunno Involved but no arrests yet, just spoken to victim There Dad, it was his son, they also used there brothers account without consent
  6. The bank returned the cash and now are pressing charges, no history of doing fraud and its been at least 13 years since they were in trouble with the law (minor child offences)
  7. What are the consequences for stealing from someone's on-line bank while resetting their password via the mail. the amount was 1400£. Will they be looking at jail?
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