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  1. ok thanks. I will update if/when I get a response.
  2. Ok will do. Many thanks for taking the time to respond.
  3. I believe it was a contract taken out with a new phone by an ex partner in my name. Payments were then stopped and I was liable for the contract.... no idea on dates or anything as I have no record of it and nothing on my credit score account.
  4. One was December 2012 and the other March 2013. With reference to the Vodafone account I have no info as it’s not on my credit report. Thanks
  5. Ok so what should my plan of action be? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Yes I have recently moved to this address (4months) and letters have started since month 2/3
  7. Thank you for the replies. Am I correct in thinking I should wait until a letter of claim is sent before sending a cca request then? I know you’ve all answered these posts a million times previously but because I have had no contact with them since 2013 and I know we are coming up to the 6 year mark I am anxious to not suddenly get in contact if I could wait it out?!?!
  8. Hello everyone it’s my first post. Have received Lowell Pre-Legal letter as title shows. It relates to 3 separate debts... 1. Capital 1 credit card £331.73. Last payment on the account was May 2013. 2. Vanquish credit card £725.86. Last payment on the account was September 2013. 3. Vodafone £1479.88. This one is NOT on my credit report. As yet I’ve had no communication with Lowell and really would appreciate advice on my next move. Thank you in advance!!
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