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  1. Site admin. Can you please include a link to the new thread that you created. Searched for it. CANNOT FIND IT
  2. site admin Instead of having multiple threads on this business, would it not be much easier for users to contribute to and only have to look up, one thread???? Especially as this trader is using multiple identities!!!!
  3. Hi Lucy Sorry to hear of your experience. Good move on contacting trading standards. I'm going to do the same. Probably next week. Simply to let them know the details of my case for their records. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to post the outcome when you get it. Simply for the benefit of others. I'll be doing the same. Amongst other things. I'm no expert, but I would've thought that tires worn down to the cord are extremely dangerous. Can't believe he sold a car in that state. Or rather, I can. But I'm still staggered by the total lack of scruples. Good luck getting the outcome you want. Mike
  4. Thanks for the reminder bud. Luckily, all the work is mainly through one garage, with some LPG work at another. Will be in touch directly very soon
  5. Hi HolyJoe Apologies for not getting in touch yet. Still have some essential work to do on the vehicle, before I send in my invoice for the total. May be another couple of weeks. When I get that done, I'll be in touch though, as I'll definitely need the benefit of your experience. I imagine I'm going to end up where you did in terms of process :/ Talk soon
  6. FYI Rocket Marketing are still doing exactly the same shady practices eight years later. My father has just fallen victim and his bank is not being particularly helpful, regarding the charge back. Has anyone else found a purchase remiting £90 odd to Rocket Marketing on their card or bank statement, for a useless catalogue of unwanted and unasked for discounts. If so, I would love to hear if you were able to secure a refund and how. Cheers Mike
  7. Hi Holy. Thanks for your message. Sorry I can't reply here. Will email you in the next few days. Cheers Mike
  8. Hi Guys If you search Northampton Autosports here, you'll find at least one thread detailing how people have had bad experiences with the guy who runs this car retailing business, from an industrial estate just to the north of Northampton. Long story short, even though I Googled the guy's name and business, I found nothing untoward and went on to buy a vehicle from him last month. He's developing or already has a reputation for making false and highly misleading statements about the vehicles he sells and I suspect has a very long history of this. Unfortunately, I've also been caught out by this character and am just starting the process of seeking compensation. I know what this process involves and am not seeking advice, as such. However, if anyone has had similar issues with this guy (calls himself Rich) I would really welcome an exchange of emails, as I can't message on this website yet. I'd particularly like to talk to Holyjoemuttley as he has a long thread here, detailing how he eventually successfully secured his own compensation from this character. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?473227-CCJ-against-Northampton-Autosports-now-Performance-Trade-Centre-Can-i-Transfer-the-CCJ/page3&highlight=Northampton+Autosports If there's no quick resolution, I'll post updates here, if it might help anyone. Northampton Autosports is mainly selling selling via eBay currently and from the negative feedback, you can see that the involvement of Court Enforcement Officers previously, hasn't diminished his desire to screw people over. Thanks for reading guys!
  9. Hi Holy Thank you very very much for posting this thread. Unfortunately I too have fallen foul of this 'character' despite my Googling the business name in advance to try to avoid a similar situation to the one you found yourself in. If you read this anytime soon, would you get in touch please. I only need you to point me in the right direction and maybe share some contact details for key entities I need to use to get my money back. Hope to hear from you soon. Mike
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