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  1. Nevermind guys, I pleaded guilty and awaiting the amount I have to pay etc.
  2. Yeah I spoke to the prosecutor (investigator/Prosecutor - Investigations, Appeals & Prosecutions (IAP)) and she said that I cannot settle out of court. I told her about my finanical situation on that time and that I had no choice.
  3. I tried but it keeps saying they are busy. But I dont get it, I sent a letter before saying that I want to settle this out of court but now I have to call them up again after they want to prosecute me.
  4. The charge is "That you, on Tuesday 10th April 2018 at X, did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the TFL Railway Byelaws Made under paragraph 26 of schedule 11 to teh Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962."
  5. I am unable to scan the document. I think I am just going to plead guilty and wait on how much they will fine me. On the letter is says the "Application is being made for a £225.00 contribution towards the costs of Transport for London". I am assuming that the fine must be a minimum of £225? I called the magistrate and they said that the fine still hasn't been decided (they are awaiting my financial situation)
  6. UPDATE: I got a letter saying that I have to go to court, paying a fine of £225 with a 33% reduction if I plead guilty. What should I do? Can i no longer settle out of court? Also, its under byelaw 17. Can anyone explain to me what this means?
  7. Do you not get a certain amount of days to pay the fares / incurred costs (once you receive the email/letter that they will agree to settle out of court)?
  8. Well 80% I am screwed either way then... I don't know how many days they give you to pay the penalty fare / admin fees (assuming my case does get settled out of court).
  9. Question while I still contemplate the letter. If my case does get settled out of court, doesn't that essentially mean I have to pay some kind of fine/fee? There hasnt been a case of "just a formal warning"? Also, when should i expect to receive a reply letter?
  10. Likewise, I had told her that I had used my fathers 60+ card on the Monday as well (9th), but I had never used it on the Monday; I had only used it on the 10th and 3rd of April. Should I mention this on the letter? (Surely they check the usage of the card?)
  11. She told me that the card is not supposed to be for your use, and asked me if I was planning to use it for the whole journey (to where I was going). I said yes to both questions. She acknowledged that I had used my own card before using her reader (last use was on the 29th of march), but it had -0.30 remaining.
  12. This is what I am planning to write. Dear madam/sir, I profusely aplogise for the misuse of my fathers 60+ card, it was due to a combination of financial hardship and unplanned decisions. I explained to the insepctor that I was in terrible finanical hardship (due to a bad management of money and unwise spending) to the point where I had nothing on my bank account. I told her that I was put in a sitatuion where I had no choice but to attend my univeristy lectures and the mandatory assessments. I had always used my own 18+ card previosuly during a period of march where I begged
  13. I have received the letter, I am assuming I should accept committing an offence?
  14. The 11th (when I got caught) was my last day that I needed to attend the mandatory assessments and lectures, after the 11th it was just a revision period. I was never going to travel anywhere after that because by then, my maintenance loan would have arrived and I wouldn't have to use my dads 60+ card, but just use my own card.
  15. I haven't asked because I already payed the price. I'm pretty sure I am deterred from gambling ever again, no matter how much money I have.
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