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  1. I have now received a letter still no disclosure of what I owe and how but a current circumstances expenditure form. Shall I ignore?
  2. Oh I misunderstood as you said bring that they done that to me` I thought they knocked on your door lol
  3. I was ment to ask how long ago was it that they knocked on your door and what has happend since?
  4. How long ago did they do to you
  5. wow guys thanks for discussing what options i may have, however i am really worried now, yesterday an old Asian man knocked on my door with an a4 clip board he asked for me when i looked down it seemed like he had loads of sheets attached to his clip board with the heading IND vs etc, i panicked so said that i was not in he asked if i knew where i was i said i think his at the old address he said do you have a contact number i said no, he then left. worried now any advise or was they just trying to confirm i live here.,,,,,,,,
  6. You say looks legal, or will it be a legal document from court.
  7. I've read scary storys that the dca can attach to you earnings or put a charge against you, if that was to happend would they inform me before hand and would it be in a formal letter.
  8. Thanks sidewinder I have attached a page I obtain from the net with regards to CCA request afree a CCJ. Also what legal action could be taken should I expect bailiffs? I wanted to go down the route of Un enforceable CCA as I did not date it and the docs they sent looks like an application for a credit card. I did not know aboutthe court CCJ as it went to a different address when I checked my CRF a year or so down the line it was to late to contest.
  9. i have put all file into one PDF now in post 1 i have also found a PDF from a firm online that says they need to respond to CCA Request Evn after a CCJ DX the CCJ was address to a 643a (a) never existed and was in my name but date of birth was 28th Sep instead of 20th, when i found out i could not contest as over a year had passed i found this on the net it attached to my pdf A creditor will still have a duty to comply with an information request under ss77 -79 of the consumer credit Act 1974 (CCA) once a judgment has been obtained. I forgot to mention that
  10. Dear all can someone please help with a problem i am having with IND. just recently oct 17 i had a CCJ drop off my credit report ( the CCJ was sent to 643a instead of 643 and as a result i never received the CCJ, fast forward 6 years i have had no communication or contact from ind etc, last month when they searched my credit report, i rang them to ask why they were searching my report, they asked me for my DOB and i told them they said they could not discuss anything with me as my date of birth did not match their record, a week later i received a letter and a s
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