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  1. Just to add to this, I had a default with another company, which I'm still paying off, and that default was due to drop off yesterday. Just checked Experian and Equifax and it doesn't appear on either of those reports. Pretty impressed it's come off so quickly!
  2. Oh, I'll see if I can irritate them enough to remove faster, then. Cheers
  3. Good point. I forgot that they have specific days when the banks update the CRAs.
  4. Hi, Andy. Thanks for that. Only another 4 months to go I'll be checking that report on the 16th, so they'd better be prompt!
  5. Hello, everyone. Barclaycard were chasing me for a debt I didn't recognise, and I asked for a copy of a credit agreement, which they couldn't produce. They then set Robinson Way on me, so I sent them the letter explaining that an unacknowledged debt in Scotland is extinguished after 5 years and received a couple of letters informing me that they'd passed this on to Barclaycard, and eventually Robinson Way closed the account. I can see on my credit file that the Barclaycard account is marked as settled, but the Robinson Way one, which is called Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited is showing as defaulted. The default is due to drop off on 15/08/2018, so will that whole entry on my credit file drop off, too?
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