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  1. Yes you’re right. Is it too late to file my defence now then? What happens from here?
  2. Hi, I've done the CPR letter and sent it via recorded delivery! Is there anything else i should do now? they are all 4 different numbers on different dates! tickets were £160 each and the claimant claims £640 plus £60 court fees and £70 legal representative cost. Total amount £770!! I'll go and take images ASAP! Any guidance on what i should do next?
  3. Name of the Claimant ? UK parking control LTD claimants Solicitors: SCS Law Date of issue – 6th april 2018 Date to file defence by : 4pm 8th may What is the claim for – 1. On 03/03/2017, the defendants vehicle was parked at Millenium Quay Llanelli South Wales SA15 2LQ. The driver of the vehicle breached the terms of the agreement by parking in a desginated "Permit Holder Parking Space" without clearly displaying a valid permit. The claimant therefore issued a PCN, number xxxxx. The defendant has failed to pay the sums due within 28 days or at all. The amount
  4. I’ve just received a county court letter from uk parking control with a total for £770 for parking charges. This was for parking in a visitors bay outside my friends flat. Can you please advise me on what I should do next!
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