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  1. How would I find his email address? After all my conversations with John Lewis staff this year & reading trust pilot reviews I fear this is a bigger problem than a one-off & they need some drastic internal changes to return to their old ways. Perhaps I can at least get my issue resolved. I had the same thought- only it would seem more like an army of people from PC World. Does anyone know what my legal rights are in this situation? It would be good to know for future reference.
  2. Thanks for the advice- yes I was surprised also, as I used to swear by JL for all my appliances albeit years ago. However, type in John Lewis into trustpilot uk and you'll see JL isn't what it used to be, it has gone down hill in the last couple of years unfortunately.
  3. Here's the back story so far: 1. I order a washing machine from John Lewis online. 2. It arrives & is installed by John Lewis. 3. It starts leaking an hour or so after arrival. I call JL straight away & they tell me they can't refund or replace and suggest I call the manufacturer of the machine. 4. I call the manufacturer & they don't answer the phone for hours & it keeps getting cut off. I call back JL, they call the manufacturer for me. JL still insists upon a manufacturer's engineer visit, the next one is 8 days away. 5. A week later, engineer arrive
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