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  1. I am currently living with my partner, which is likely to become a permanent arrangement in the near future. As of yet I have not updated any accounts/documents with my new address (incl driver licence/bank etc).



    I have a spare vehicle that is up for sale and have an interested party coming to view it tomorrow but have just realised the V5 is for my previous address.



    Will this be an issue?



    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi just wondering if anyone can help.


    I am hugely embarrassed to admit that I have claimed child tax credits for 2 years but 8 mnths ago moved in with my new partner and did not notify HMRC.


    I know that I have done wrong, but at the time was struggling financially and my partner had his own debt issues, so kept our finances separately and was determined to be able to continue to support my son on my own.


    However as we are more established as couple now, and my son has settled here well, we would like to make our relationship more official, and I would like to 'confess' and pay back those mnths that I shouldn't have claimed, but am so scared of the consequences.


    Having used their online calculator I don't think we would be eligible as a joint claim as I have had a modest but significant pay rise and my partner, who is self employed, has had things pick up for him too.


    I have tried calling their help line today but not yet managed to get through so was wondering if appropriate to write a hugely apologetic letter explaining the situation, and ask for an overpayment balance? If my calculations are right it is not a huge amount and could hopefully pay it straight off, but am worried about having a fine on top.


    I know honesty is the best policy, and have never even had a parking ticket, so am struggling to know how to deal with a. my deceipt and b. the consequences......


    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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