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  1. Just as I thought no receipt !
  2. Problem is Argos want nothing to do with it and say its Philips problem now and Philips won't accept anything other than a receipt with the actual product on it ! I,m talking to argos on twitter who have twice promised a vat receipt within 48 hours their latest promise was yesterday so see what happens .
  3. Hi I paid for it online with my debit card and have proof from my bank statement of the payment . Thinking of taking this to the ombudsman ? Thanks
  4. Hi I bought a philips tv from Argos in sep 2016 using fast track paid online and collected the same day , I received a text to say it was ready for collection so off I went to pick it up. The guy who brought it out said your proof of purchase and guarantee is in your account under your recent orders which it was . last month the tv developed a fault ( thick dark shadow across the screen) so I rang Argos and they said their warranty was only for 12 months but the manufacturers warrant is 2 years so ring philips which I did . Philips said to send in some pictures of the fault and proof of purchase ! So I went to my Argos account and my order was there until I click on it and it says "order not found" so I ring Argos who said they remove orders after 12 months and herein lies my problem , Philips won't authorise a repair until I have proof of purchase and Argos have said they will find my order and email it me but this has been going on for weeks with Argos just stringing me along ! Any one know where I stand legally on this please Thanks in advance
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