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  1. Nothing back from Harlands or CRS except for the normal texts asking to contact. Until today, somebody called identifying themselves as being from CRS. Didn't know the number so i did answer it. She asked me to confirm my address and i refused, she said she couldn't do anything until i confirmed and therefore we ended the call. I assume i should now block the number?
  2. Hi, Still no reply from Harlands. I had received a text from CRS also, now they seem to be texting me more and nothing from Harlands. I've not even received any emails from CRS because it hasn't even got through spam filters at Hotmail. Today i received another text from them saying "It is urgent that we speak to you today. Please call CRS on 01444 449165. Thank you" Should i continue to ignore? Thanks
  3. Sending this through to them tomorrow. Very late i know, but have been on holiday. Dear Harlands On the 23rd March I emailed Harlands offering to pay the remaining arrange paying my remaining £9.99. My offer still stands to pay the remaining amount of £9.99 but I will not accept paying admin fees. I will pay you no administration or cancellation fees and no further membership amounts. If you confirm in writing that you will accept the amount of £9.99 in full settlement of all that I owe, I will pay you promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you dem
  4. Thanks, forum has been a good read so far. I joined just after Christmas and had made two payments of £9.99 before i cancelled.
  5. Great, thanks for coming back to me. I am quite happy to pay the outstanding 9.99 but with all these fees added for no i will just ignore.
  6. Hi, I joined a local gym on an offer that stated 3 months at £9.99. I went regularly for a month and a bit but the parking was shambolic and they had about 5 spaces and the rest was on street parking in a busy area and eventually i got bored of hunting for spaces to go to the gym. I eventually tracked down the portal and it had barely any information on it and no way to cancel. Having been on a Harlands membership before or so i thought with Simply Gym i did what i had been told by them and cancelled the membership. After the last payment should have gone out i received a text a
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