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  1. I have had a look at the centurion warranty.



    If they stick to their position then I suppose that they are trying to rely on paragraph 15 and also paragraph 27.


    I see that their paragraph 14 disclaims any reimbursement for repairs if you have not followed the correct claims procedure as detailed in your warranty agreement. This is an unfair contract term and it is unenforceable. Once the insured/assured risk has occurred then failure to carry out some administrative requirement in the contract will not relieve them of their liability.


    Sorry I don't understand what you mean by the paragraph 14 section?

  2. The warranty company have already been out to inspect the vehicle and it has been 2 weeks since the vehicle has been in the garage. It is upon the inspection that they have said that it's not tallying up and they are in talks with the director to see if they are paying out or not. The garage said about extending the warranty to 12 months for £250.

  3. Sorry, they were refusing to help because they was saying there was no way the problem could of occured so suddenly and that I should of notice that the engine wasn't getting oil to it. They said there should of been some indication such as warning lights but nothing had come up on the dashboard. They also said that I should of heard the engine begin to knock but I heard nothing on the last journey in the car.

  4. Hello,

    I'm after a bit of advice,


    I've had my car 2 and a half months and the engine has ceased due to a lack of oil getting into the engine.


    It has had the engine removed by a BMW specialist and they have diagnosed that the oil pump has gone faulty as there is plenty of oil in the sump tank.


    I have tried to claim this through warranty as the car requires a new/refurb engine.


    The warranty company are finding every way under the sun not to pay out.


    I'm 19 so I don't really know where I stand :???:


    so some advice would be greatly appreciated.



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