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  1. The contract was with EnviroTherm, the cheque is for and on behalf of Envirotherm Group Limited and I've found the organisation button. Thanks.
  2. I have registered on the Money Claim site and it seemed to indicate you had to file again an individual. However, your reply suggests you just file against the company?
  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. The current director is listed as Lord Jason David Rowan, do you know if we are ok not to use the title Lord when filing a claim? When you click on Lord Jason David Rowan on https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11025630/officers he then comes up as just Jason David Rowan. I'm hoping the title isn't essential?
  4. Thanks for your speedy response! Sorry for any confusion. A quote was provided 2 or 3 years ago but they were contacted a number of months ago by the same sales man representing his new company, EnviroTherm. Your reply is extremely helpful. I'm not sure about assets, EnviroTherm still looks to be trading but I do have concerns about them 'folding' this company. To clarify, you are sure my parents would win the small claims court case and win the full fee? The only potential cost could be submitting the claim with the smalls claims court depending on them arguing we haven't done the full 14 day process. EnviroTherm has claimed to be looking into this and could claim to issue another cheque but I'm concerned this is just a delaying tactic. What would happen if they did send a new cheque while the case was with the small claims court? Would we just close the case? Thanks again! Did you look up EnviroTherm Group currently based in Ilkeston? They look to have been formed in October 2017. https://companycheck.co.uk/company/11025630/ENVIROTHERM-GROUP-LIMITED/companies-house-data When you search directorships for Jason David Rowan or Lord Jason David Rowan he looks to have had a numerous directorships either current or expired.
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking to get some advice on a dispute my parents are having. They paid (by cheque) to have new Soffits and Fascia’s fitted by a company called EnviroTherm based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. https://www.envirothermgroup.com/ My parents received a phone call out of the blue from a salesman who had provided a quote for the work 2/3 years ago saying he had moved company (to EnviroTherm) and asking to visit them to provide a new quote as he felt his new company would be cheaper. His new company (EnviroTherm) were more expensive until he phoned his manager and knocked around £1,000 off the price bringing the total price down to £2,375. I know this is a sales tactic but unfortunately they fell for it. My parents paid a 50% deposit which was £1,187.50. The deposit was only refundable within 14 days but EnviroTherm contacted my parents after 14 days had passed demanding an extra £1,500 for scaffolding. My parents stated that they would not pay the extra money and if the work couldn't be carried out for the agreed price they wanted their money back. EnviroTherm initially argued that their request was after the 14 days but when my parents argued the fact that the agreed price had been changed after the 14 days EnviroTherm agreed to refund their deposit. The process of getting EnviroTherm to agree to refund the deposit took many phone calls to speak to the manager who was always in a meeting or out of the office. One day my mum was even advised in the morning that he was in a meeting and later that day that he wasn't in work that day. Eventually, after many phone calls and many false claims to have posted a cheque EnviroTherm did send a cheque to my parents last Wednesday (25th April) which they received the next day and paid into the bank on Friday. Today my parents have been advised that the cheque has been cancelled by the company. The company have answered my mum's phone call today and claimed they are looking into the situation. They asked for her bank details but she didn't give these as she doesn't trust the company and instead demanded a new cheque. She's currently waiting to hear back. We're not hopeful of getting this resolved as my research into the company has highlighted that it is owned by a Jason David Rowan or Lord Jason David Rowan who was the owner of EnergySave who featured on Rogue Traders for their pressurised selling similar to that used on my parents but also much worse as well as their racism. I'm looking for advice on what legal step to take? I've read about a letter before action, is that the next step to take? I feel that they need to put something in writing the company as most of her communication has been over the phone. Any help or advice would be gratefully received!
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