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  1. and the buildings insurance well.....that was a years long arguement i had with them, they would not accept my providers even though it was more comprehensive and value of insurance was higher than theirs.
  2. hi, yes iv already requested a SAR, and the insurance is part of the CMI, my questions was about the £6000+ of 'fees' they have added to my arrears balance. Are they legitimate? as last time i pulled them over these they were removed. now they come back with these.
  3. HI ALL, to cut a long story short ive had problems with the above for ever. I have an arrears repayment order on a suspended warrant which is nearly paid off, howver every year they attempt to enforce the warrant without success. My issue is this, on my letters and quarterly statements I have seen a whole bunch of other charges. 3 years ago i wrote to complain and they removed them incremently. these charges are shown to be part of the arrears however they are threatening again (not that i get worried), please could you tell me exactly what the hell the
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