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  1. you need all of the people outside the royal courts of justice, and you would sign npower up as well, as their staff have had to take other peoples money too. specifically NPower have installed a database to make money from back billing and don't pay it back, documented 33% there is nothing futher to discuss, ADVICE TO ENERGY CUSTOMERS, DON'T BOTHER TO USE EO, OFGEM, AS THEY DON'T APPLY REGULATION. THERE ARE NONE. JUST DON'T USE ANY ENERGY TO BEGIN WITH, THAT WILL RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. USE A GAS CANISTER AND SOLAR POWER, IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE LINKED TO THE GRID, WITH FR
  2. listen bank fodder i don't want to stop your flow, we love you, but just don't message me again, i am interested in group action, and yeah, i know it all
  3. ofgem a complete waste of time, npower installed a database to make money from back billing it should not have, which is fraud, at the same time the ceo said everyone should get paid back. Instead they made out they paid other peoples money to charity, ordered by Ofgem. how nice is that.
  4. please can everyone put their names down to do group action. If you make a claim, make a claim worth something to you.
  5. yeah what so they take my money, i am dumb enough to think we live in a civilized society?
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