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  1. ok. So do I contact DCBL direct to show that we have tried to recover it and then contact my debit card provider? I went to LLoyds immediately after it happened and they told me they could not give me the money back.
  2. The fine was for the parking which we have just said ok to. However, DCBL took £2314 because there was a ccj that we did not know about. That has been set aside so as far as we are concerned anything after that parking fine payment should be returned to us. I do not know what a chargeback is. I just want that money back in my account
  3. Good afternoon. Thank you for your help previously. We are now in the situation where we have been to court and had the CCJ set aside. The parking company re-sent the package and we agreed to pay the fine as they already had the money. The parking company came back saying they were not going to take it any further. We are now in the position of trying to reclaim the £1800 ( after paying the fine) from DCBL. Please could you advise a) do we go through the small claims court? b) Can we include all the expenses e.g, the court fee for the set aside
  4. I just thought that as we had received nothing from Gladstones and they were the solicitors we should get as much info from them and try and piece it all together. Should I also issue them with a SAR then?
  5. Thank you for the advice. I have written a SAR and will send it to DCBL tomorrow, I have also written one for Gladstones requesting all information/correspondence for BOTH addresses. I will include the fee to both. I have also written a letter to DCBL requesting a breakdown of their fees specifically relevant to our account
  6. 1. Our current address but we did not receive it, when we mentioned this on the phone the DCBL employee quipped 'blame the post then' 2. 08.03.2018 3. 10.01.2018 but Judgement date was 06.03.2018 4. He has written on the 'Notice that goods have been removed....' 17.40 but I think it was around 18.30 5.I have not yet, I wanted to see if you advised me to, I will send a letter asking them that today.
  7. i don't know how to do that. I have tried but don't see an option. As you can tell I am not very good at this
  8. I have uploaded the Notice of Enforcement pages x3 and the Receipt of Payment DCBL Notice of Enforcement 260418.pdf DCBL page 2 260418.pdf DCBL page 4 260418.pdf DCBL Payment Receipt 260418.pdf
  9. Today we received a Payment Receipt from DCBL. We also received a Notice of Enforcement. This claims we owed a debt of £773, with a compliance stage fee of £90 plus interest. This was a total of £864. 21. I am not sure how it increased to £2318 in a week. It is also undated! WE categorically have NEVER seen this notice of Enforcement before. I am so angry at these cheating barstewards!!!!!
  10. I did think that they would be checking this forum looking for threads. Well hey ho! We will fight them as they were disgusting!
  11. We have received the Particulars of claim from Northampton Court. I uploaded these in an earlier post. I have downloaded and printed the N244 form and notes. We have contacted our local court and confirmed we can make the claim for a set aside from there as opposed to Northampton. As our funds are depleted right now thanks to this we will have to wait until May to be able to pay the fee. Then we will go after a set aside. Should we contact DCBL and Gladstones by registered or signed mail in the future? WE will stop emailing immediately. We thought that that would be a way of proving a time line and a paper trail. We do not have any paperwork as they did not send us any ever. We want to get from DCBL the 7 day notice they say they sent us and proof that we have paid this money. The court told us we need a letter from Gladstones to say we have paid the CCJ before they can say it has been satisfied for my husbands credit record. Gladstones say they need proof from DCBL before they can inform the court. When my husband called DCBL they realised we did not even have a reference number from them. Needless to say we have not received copies of anything from them. Whilst we realise they are the enemy. Surely there is a responsibility on their part to send us receipts of payment!
  12. Its all a bit slow dealing with Gladstones as you are well aware. We asked them to forward all the correspondence pertaining to our claim and to contact the court regarding the CCJ and the fact that we have paid it. They came back to us saying they needed confirmation from DCBL. We have sent them another email today asking them if they have contacted DCBL yet. We also contacted DCBL asking for the paperwork they allegedly sent to us. He said they would email it.
  13. Those odds seem good enough for us so we want to go for set aside. Where do we start? Can we go through our local court or do we have to go through Northampton?
  14. The bailiff also said they got the address from DVLA. I actually don't care where they got our new address, we were not hiding from anyone. Personally, I think its just that they managed to get our address in order to send the bailiffs in but did not before they took it to court. We could have stopped it if we knew about it. However, we are here now so need to go forward.
  15. I think we must go for set aside as we are £2300 down which we just can't afford. We must get that money back. Are you sure we have a good chance to get a set aside? I'm not asking for 100% guarantee but would like very good odds for us.
  16. Our current address is on the particulars of claim although this is not what the clerk told me. She said that this had been sent to the shared house address on 13th December 2017. She also said the address had been changed to our new address via the DVLA on the Judgement in February 2018.
  17. W e have managed to contact Northampton CC, they have sent us a copy of the CCJ and a copy of the particulars of claim. I uploaded them earlier. I asked if they had anything else pertaining to this claim and they said they have sent us everything they have. What else are we looking for? that we should ask for?
  18. Good morning My husband leases the car directly. The Leasing company DID receive this PCN and forwarded it to him at the shared house. PCM for Lease Co for CAG.pdf
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