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  1. My apology if I have gone to the wrong thread. I meant to ask about the procedure of adding " Detailed Particulars of Claim" which I did not do when I filed the claim. It may be too late now at this stage of replying Mediation or Court. But I will get back to you about the result. Thanks everyone
  2. Oh forgot to reply. I am lucky to just receive the defence of 6 pages with all contract terms and conditions of 6.4 & 6.7 etc. And they had been given me so many times to buy insurance cover for total value's refund during the booking process.
  3. I have not sent out my confirmation of going for mediation as I know it will be useless. If I do, that is just to give the judge a good impression. Will it be too late to send a detailed particulars of claim to the defendant and court at this stage as I opted for NOT in the first place? I don't think my brief POC is good enough. What is the procedure or form to filled in?
  4. Hi, Parcel2Go lost my 4 dining chairs. They refused to refund of the value of £180.00 of chairs because I did not buy insurance cover. I have taken them to Small Claims Court. Apparently, they defended against all claims and so, we are in the process of me sending back the DQ and waiting for mediation. As I did not send a detailed particulars of claim to them and would like to change my mind to do that at this stage. Does anyone know the procedure etc.? Thank you.
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