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  1. This item was on the website for the original price for 2 weeks previous to me buying it. I was away out of the country at the time my wife seen this and purchased on my return home. I had no idea I was buying so cheap until they informed me
  2. Hello BazzaS. I paid via debit card and payment shows on statement. I do not understand the terms and conditions really but I cant find anything on when contract is formed apart from: 1.1.3 "Contract" means any contract between the Seller and the Customer for the sale and purchase of the Products, subject to and incorporating these conditions; 3.3 Acceptance of the Customers order and the completion of the Contract between the Seller and Customer will take place on despatch to the Customer of the Products ordered unless the Seller has notified the Customer that the order has
  3. Thanks for the reply, but my problem with the company is, they advertised the item at a lower price then when they realised they cancelled the order. I am still left without the item I needed in the first place which is why I ordered it.
  4. Hello This is my first time using this forum and this may be a little bit long winded which I apologise for I purchased an item online over 11 days ago from Appliance Direct. The item was advertised at £19.97p and the original delivery date was to be Monday 26th March 18. The item did not turn up I contacted the company via their chat facility online, I was then informed the delivery date was changed to Wednesday 28th March 18. Again the item did not turn up I contacted them again. The item in question was put on hold for delivery as the price of £19.97p was w
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