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  1. It really feels like my manager is out to get me, if she can’t get me on one thing she will get me on another. This new allegation is minor but could be made out to be something it’s not. The way it is worded is scary. I almost want to stay to spite her but would be so unhappy.
  2. Been on the job hunt all day but need to prove my innocence first, as I have a great work record and don’t want it ruined.
  3. That’s brilliant. I have tried to get along with her, even bought her pandora earings for secret Santa, trying hard to fit in, I feel stupid now I know it’s her trying to slander me.
  4. It was something seen externally but not reported, but reported in log, so they have decided their was nothing to report but have now added another allegation of falsifying the report which is ludicrous. No reason to falsify anything the whole event was a non starter. The original allegations were failing to report and failure in public safety, now they agree there was nothing to report in the first place but have decided The way I wrote it in the log was lying. The female colleague I work with put the original complaint in against me. Your right I need to get out of that environment. I think
  5. Yes my Union Rep have been great and very supportive, he is also struggling to understand why they are doing this and trying so hard to discipline me for something I have not done.
  6. Yes it is minor and as they have not been successful in the other 2 allegations of misconduct they are trying for a new allegation, I definitely feel like the outsider, thanks for your feedback
  7. I started working for the local authority under a year ago, my employment record is excellent, no absence or lateness and great feedback in first 6 months, signed off. There is 5 of us in our department, 3 males 1 other female. The female is married to one of the males. I have had nothing but grief and complaints from this female work colleague in the same position as myself. I have told my manager at every monthly meeting she is difficult to get along with, my manager said "We, had a discussion whether bringing another female into the team would change the group dynamics"
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