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  1. I have a problem which involves 4 parties. The police, my motorcycle manufacturer, an airline and me. My motorcycle broke down in Europe. I had to take a flight back to the UK, paid and organized for by the AA. On the flight I took with me one of my motorcycle cases. In it was my photography gear. Worth around 2-3k. The case was locked for security. The key I had to leave at the garage in Europe where my bike got fixed in the mean time. I had asked the airline for the option to have the luggage sent as a fragile item the day before the flight. The lady on the p
  2. I just saw your comment, BankFodder. I'm not sure I could get an evaluation of the bike value, where would you suggest to get that from? I'm relatively new to the UK. The cost of putting the bike in its original condition at this workshop would probably be around 2200-2500£, to really fix every screw and bolt.
  3. I don't actually care what they do to fix it, if they can just clean the screws and chain etc that's fine with me. I just want my "old" bike back, meaning I want it to be in great condition again. Whether that takes new parts or cleaning doesn't matter to me. But am I supposed to check every screw now for damages? Isn't that the job of the workshop and therefore something the insurance should pay for? Even just checking the screws is something that takes effort and time. (The bike is at the workshop now and I can't really access it even if I wanted to check every screw) I agree the wo
  4. The insurance offered me 3800 just before the bike was recovered. I have seen one at a dealership in similar condition but with 30% more milage for the same price. Getting this bike again with for it's age low milage as mine is probably impossible though, at least here I haven't seen one.
  5. The workshop did provide an estimate for the rust, the insurance just didn't approve it. The mechanic quoted the rust repairs at a whopping 800£ including work hours. That's for exchanging most of the screws and the chain. They estimated £300 alone for exchanging the chain and sprockets. The bike is on the more powerful side. The insurance didn't even approve any lubing, nothing what so ever related to the rust. It seems completely ridiculous to me that they would send me back on the street with the chain in such a bad condition.
  6. No I haven't, I was about to arrange that virtually exactly when the call came from the police.
  7. Hi, I have an issue with a motorcycle theft. My bike was stolen in Autumn and recovered in March. Besides the obvious damage to the steering lock the bike now also is severely rusted. So bad that driving it definitely would be a road hazard. Additionally to all the screws and brake disks the chain is completely covered in rust. I would seriously be afraid of the chain riping at 60mph. Right now the bike is not rideable in my opinion, even after the lock was fixed. The insurance has agreed to fix the steering lock. That's all. Besides the fact that the rust clearly was
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