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  1. Are you sure? Can you prove it without CCTV? Yes & yes to both questions
  2. Just to clear a few things up, My brother wasn't shoplifting the alleged second incident did not happen I have emailed David Potts the CEO of Morrisons, yes I obtained his email address from ceomail, I have never received a reply from him , only from minions in Head Office who after conversing with them on the phone are absolutely clueless about Morrisons policy's , names of store managers, and who have stated that they have not seen any footage yet have stated over the phone that my brother was caught by undercover security! Yes, I have written permission from my brother to act on his behalf all relevant documentation has been sent to Morrisons Loss Prevention and acknowledged, we are now waiting to hear from them as to when we can go & see the cctv footage,
  3. Sorry, We were in Morrisons supermarket in Maghull Liverpool & my brother had several items of groceries in his arms which he intended to purchase. Having realised he had forgotten an item to pick up he asked a shop assistant where this item was, the assistant pointed to the grocery section and my brother then proceeded to pass by the self service check out tills intending to then circle round back through the store to pay for all his items. (I was waiting by the check out tills) It was at this moment that two members of staff literally accosted my brother by standing in his way & accusing him of attempted shoplifting! My brother is 63 years old, in an extremely frail condition, which is blatantly obvious to anyone that he is seriously ill! And it is obvious that he is undergoing medication, as his driver was clearly visible outside his coat. My brother was extremely humiliated and was left feeling distraught by this uncalled for and aggressive harassment and implication of shoplifting. He immediately requested to speak to a manager or supervisor, the assistant he spoke to said there was no manager or supervisor present & that he would have to speak to her, she identified herself initially as Barbara and said “you don’t need any other name, the young male assistant refused to give his name and stated “its on my badge” his name I think was Mark. This lady then later identified herself as Barbara and also stated there were no other senior members of staff nor a manager present, the only form of making a complaint we had was when a so called report book was placed in front of my brother in which I then entered a brief outline of what had transpired. When we returned home I made a complaint via email & was told that Morrisons have the right to stop people they suspect of shoplifting , which is fair enough, however, my brother certainly does not shoplift, does not fit the profile of a shoplifter & is certainly physically incapable of shoplifting! I continued to send emails to Morrisons and placed posts on their facebook page, I asked for cctv of the incident etc, they replied saying they couldnt help me with my request & nothing else, so then I contacted their media department & the Liverpool echo, it was only after I contacted their media dept asking to speak to the head honcho that somebody eventually contacted me, This person then stated that my brother was involved in an incident with undercover security on 14h March between 4 & 5pm ! this made me smile! on the 13th March he had 4 hours of heavy chemotherapy , due to his cancer he's on the strongest available Folfirinox, google it , its terrible, On the day he was alleged to have been caught & photographed, he was physically & mentally incapable of leaving the house I had to hold him and console that he would be better the following week, Morrisons have stated to a reporter from the Liverpool Echo that my brother is a "known shoplifter" & was caught with 4 bottle of champagne on 14th March, so its watch this space and we wait now until we can go & see the cctv footage plus the still photograph allegedly of my brother
  4. A long story! My brother was accosted whilst in a Morrison’s supermarket & accused of shoplifting,on 12th March 2018 (since this, I witnessed at least 4 people doing the same thing as my brother) We made an in store complaint in a record book as no manager present, I then complained via their website & email & also to the Liverpool Echo over his treatment as my brother is a very ill man due to pancreatic cancer, Morrison’s supermarkets Plc have stated to a reporter with the Liverpool Echo " They have said that your brother is a known shoplifter to the store and on the second occasion was caught with four bottles of champagne." its stated that he was caught by the store undercover security team & photographed! It took over a week before anyone from Morrisons called us & this after me sending about 4 email requests for information , I was met with constant refusals On the day this was alleged to have happened, he was home all day ill as the previous day he had chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer, We also have a letter from the district nurse who visits him every day to recharge his driver who states its physically impossible for him to carry 4 bottles of champagne! I have now completed the Subject Data Access request form and we look forward to receiving a full written apology from Morrison’s Plc Its virtually impossible to get to speak to the hierarchy at Morrison’s does anyone have any advice please
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