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  1. They've not issued a Court Claim. They say they are instructed to issue a Claim without further notice if they don't get payment or a response. Looks to me like it's just more intense leverage to get me to pay. Extremely annoying and certainly intimidatory. Will pop down to local town where local MP has an office. I'm a high end professional, have prepared expert witness stuff and am articulate (ish...you be the judge!) and will not pay. Problem is, they'll just move on to the next victim. I will counter claim as far as I can and trumpet my hourly rate to m
  2. Hi All Received a "Letter of Claim" from bwl (bowel?) stating "we have been instructed by VCSL to commence legal action in the form of issuing a Claim against you in the County Court is respect of the above debt". They then give sum £160 plus interest Court feed, Solicitors costs giving total £239.76. The Enclosures - Information Sheet on how to avoid Court action, Reply form, Income and Expenditure form the "What You Need To Do Now" ie pay by 14June2018. They then offer a BS way to pay (interest?) plus a user friendly page on how to pay, how to get help from CAB etc - no doubt
  3. Copy of redacted BW legal letter attached Rageagainstthemachine bw legal letter-Copy redacted.pdf
  4. Thanks ericsbrother. Have redacted letter and saved as jpeg so it can't be unravelled. Willing to post here. How do I attach it? Insert picture asks for a URL. Can't I attached a file?
  5. In the same mill familiar to all- Vehicle Control Services Limited. Did all the online stuff - rejected surprise surprise. Letter from bwlegal threatening commencement of legal proceedings in the form of County Court Claim Form. bwlegal called my on the 'phone today - I am shaking! How do they get my number?? They asked me to confirm who I was which I did They then asked me to go through some security questions. I declined. I said that I will wait for any court summons and defend myself to the hilt. I said I regard this call as intimidatory. I said they and th
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