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  1. thank you for the advise and experience all. much settled now and awaiting the next call from the dealer. I really hope he sees the error and its fades into a horrible few days. it has been a stressful few days full of sleepless nights. after borrowing to our limit to buy the van finding over 4000£ is beyond impossible. you lot are great will keep you updated.
  2. Hi all, First post after hoovering up the info here, thought i'd as my query for clarity. I bought a new motorhome. Part of the deal was to PX my old one. I accepted the dealers valuation of my motorhome, sight unseen on their part. On the day of the exchange, we handed over our docs, full service history and importantly the habitation inspection reports done yearly one of the checks is to check and report for damp. These came back without issue and we have always been happy in the knowlege that the van is in good shape. we then exchanged paper work, and shown the van. overall t
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