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  1. Is it this one https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387368-Statute-Barred-Letter-**Update-28th-October-2015**
  2. To update, I received a letter back from Cabot, 30 April 2018, stating that until they found a true copy they could not take me to court, but i should continue to make payments or set up a payment plan. I did nothing and believe that the account was SB on 3 july 2018 (this year). I have today 3/12/18 received a letter from them stating they now have a true copy. Bit background before we proceed. I had 2 cards with Capital One, visa and mastercard. The second card was started a year after the first, in june 02. I never received anything from Cabot regarding the second account. They were both defaulted at the same time and the last payment made was the same date as above. Both accounts should be SB july 18, this year. Looking back at the CCA request latter reply from Cabot dated 30April 2018, we have just noticed that the outstanding balance was £503.18. Not the £1798.89, the balance on the card they were trying to take me to court over. This would be the balance on the 2nd card. Today I have received from Cabot a letter telling me they now have a true copy for the 2nd card. I never sent them a request for this 2nd card (the CCA was for the 1st card) The copy is the same as the copy I have in the SAR from Capital One. The last payment was made 2or3 July 2012 so now this account is SB? Are they just trying it on? I have attached the reply letter from Cabot 30April 2018 and the letter from today. Do i need to attach the 'true copy' aswell? cabot 30 4 18.pdf Let 2.pdf let 1.pdf
  3. So the ball is in their court (pardon the pun!), and I do nothing. Just wait and see their next move. Thanks.
  4. So i do nothing for the time being? Does it matter that the people at Northampton now know the correct address? Though i guess not as they can't change it on the judgment.
  5. I don't own my home, and i'm not in work.
  6. Its in the attached letter in post #1
  7. The last payment i made was 2/7/12 so would not have been statute barred until 2/7/18? So when I should have received the claimform in 2015 it was not SB. Would i be able to claim that since i only found out about the ccj, 24/9/18, it is now statute barred? Due to them submitting the wrong address on the claim ?
  8. If i would have had a letter from the solicitors informing me they were about to take me to court, I would have had the chance to at least pospone the court bit by contacting Lowells themselves and sending a CCA request.
  9. So what do i do now?
  10. The email has arrived, I was told on the phone that actual copies of things would be charged for, but he would send me all the details he could that were free. Here comes my headache again! Not sure if that came out correctly? I have removed the ref numbers, and my name and address. But as you can see I have left in the house number the ccj was registered in. Not my number, As i said I have lived here over 20 years and letters from lowell and their solicitors have arrived at the right house. I remember getting a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors saying the account was now being handled by them but nothing from them about court proceedings. How could i know or defend that?
  11. Not sure what i asked for exactly, think i asked for a copy of all the info she had just told me, and all that was connected with the judgment. Still waiting for the email, she said it would be a couple of minutes, been 40 odd mins now. If i have received no email by the morning should i ring them again, and this time request copies of the claimform and the ccj, by email.
  12. Right i'm confused now. Finally was able to get to speak to someone in Northampton. The claim number was correct, but they had the wrong house number. So it would seem all the court forms would have been sent to the wrong address. She said the claim was issued 5 June 2015, and judgement granted 7 July 2015. Still waitng for email confirmation of this. Don't understand how they got the address wrong, been here over 20 years and the Lowell letters all got the address right. Where do i stand now?
  13. There are no ccjs showing now
  14. I had an account with Very which was Started 16/10/02 Defaulted 26/08/11 Default Balance £2130 Last payment 02/07/12 The last payment was made through a DMC to Lowell Portfolio Ltd. I received varous letters from Lowells and at some point remember receiving letters from bryan carter solicitors. I ignored them! Then i get a letter from Lowells saying that the account has been returned from the solicitors to them and that as i have not made any payments on my ccj they would be taking action. Apparently BC solicitors took me to court. I never received any papers from the court. My address never changed either. I checked online and found that i would have received a big package of blue(?) court papers, did not receive them. Because of this on 31 July 2016 I went online to RTL to check the Register of Judgments - There was nothing registered for me, at my address. In Nov 2017 my Experian credit report showed the very account gone and no ccjs were on there. Today i have received a letter from Lowell Solicitors stating, second notice of county court judgment arrears -£1900.00. The reference number they give refers to the Very account. Are they pulling a fast one, trying to get me to contact them. This account is now statute barred I believe? very lowell.pdf
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