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  1. Hi, I purchased a lamp from an online shop and paid using my credit card. I had a message from them last week to say they would deliver on Sunday. Sunday morning I got a message to say they noticed the lamp shade was the wrong colour and they would have to deliver on the Monday which I replied I wouldnt be in and it would need to be delivered on the Wednesday, they said fine they would let me know what time on Tuesday. I’ve not heard anything and they are not responding to my messages or answering their phone. Phone had been going to voice mail all day so I messaged them via the Instagram page and he answered and said sorry they’ve had a death in The family and would be delivering tomorrow. In the mean time I search for them On trust pilot, feel like such an idiot for not doing that in the first place and seems they have [problem]med practically everyone they’ve sold to. My question is will my credit card cover this? Sorry it took a while to get there Thanks
  2. Yes I think I do, I need to have a search for it. How do I get away with not using their form? Is it really possible to have MPPI and not know? I read somewhere that MPPI is a separate product and I would know if I was paying for it.
  3. Hi I wonder if someone can help me? Last week I decided to fill out an online form with Lloyd to check if I had any PPI on any of the products I used to have with them. The products they had listed were, credit card, loan, over draft and mortgage to which I ticked all just In case. I’ve had a letter back to say “thank you for contacting them with your concerns over your mortgage payment protection, and I should fill out the form they have provided me”. They also added my mortgage account number ( this mortgage was paid back in 2016). I’m assuming I did have MPPI on my mortgage which is why I have received this letter. I’m shocked as I didn’t even know I had it. A couple of years ago I went through my statements to see if there were any Payment protection payments on my mortagsge but couldnt see anything obvious which is why I’m shocked that I did actually have it. Had either myself or husband fell out of work I wouldn’t have claimed. Can anyone please advise me on how MPPi works, has anyone had any success with claiming back? I am thinking I should SAR them to see exactly what they hold for me. Thanks in advance
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