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  1. Nothing else since the they went back to their client. @Andyorch when you said "Yes they also have 30 days to comply before considering litigation" does this now mean they cannot proceed as these 30 days have long passed? Or does the fact they went back to ask for more info buy them more time'?
  2. So do we know if this is only when people are carrying out fraud and such, and not just for people who have gotten into debt for whatever reason? The fact they are raising it in parliament could mean it is not actually fraud as we thought, and could just be someone (or others are they reference it has happened a number of times this year) who is stuck because the banks have set this red notice? Is there any way we can know if it has been done, or is it completely secret until the worst happens?
  3. Yeah that was what I took from the article too. Not like UAE banks chasing people who leave the country due to various circumstances, but a case of a foreign national presenting their own cheque into a UAE bank which then bounced, for whatever reason.
  4. Does anybody know more about how this could be possible? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-50302252 I have never known UAE banks actually follow through with reporting to Interopol even though they all threaten this! Is this slightly different to people leaving the country with unpaid debt, as it was someone attempting to pay an invalid cheque IN to a UAE bank?
  5. Of course, you can visit anywhere except gulf countries, make sure any flights you take do not have connections in gulf countries either.... avoid them until it is resolved.
  6. See advice above but worth noting do NOT of course set foot there again (at least whilst this is still owing) as if they file a police case you'll be arrested at the airport. Same if you transit through, so worth keeping that in mind.
  7. Letter received today stating the same as someone mentioned in another thread. Referred matter to client and will contact again on receipt of further instruction. Account will remain on hold in the meantime and any collection activity suspended. Over to you ADCB!
  8. So it is exactly as you have said in other threads, they are scare mongering. Hoping that some of those receiving their mass mails are scared enough to cough up! Is there a time limit for them to respond to the returned PAP form? Or is the limit only on the people receiving the original PAP to respond?
  9. I can, but you said before you had a few irons in the fire with contacts, so just wondered if anyone had provided any further info as to how this lot are likely to play.
  10. Still no further comms. Has anyone had anything since sending back the PAP? @dx100uk have you heard anything further from anyone else? If they don't respond to the PAP how much of a win is that for us? Or does it not really matter in the grand scheme of things?
  11. If it's the same as the others everyone else has received, just put you are disputing because of them not providing any relevant paperwork.
  12. Yes two in total, one not long followed the other. Both ADCB, one credit card and one loan.
  13. Both PAP forms received and signed for. Is it now 30 days they have to respond? Has anyone else received anything yet since returning the PAP response?
  14. Followed this and sent off the PAP responses, now a waiting game to see what comes next! Thanks again for everyones help.
  15. What does this mean for the rest of us? Does it change anything at all?
  16. Likewise! Absolutely everything I have ever found online about these things results in the same, people saying X/Y/Z has happened to them, then vanishing when asked to prove it. Call me cynical but I see why it is often though these people have some form of ulterior motive...
  17. Hi All Been reading the other threads about this issue but creating my own as that seems to be the general advice. I’ve had two come from Moriarty recently (within 30 days) one for a CC and one for a Loan. Exact same letters as others have received, just different amounts, account number and dates of course. I have drafted a PAP response using the links you provided and only completed the following: [removed - dx] Is this the right form of response? I will send to them via recorded delivery and keep copies for myself.
  18. Keeping a watchful eye on this as i’ve received exactly the same as others. WIll hold off any response until I see further info here. Great work as always guys!
  19. very interesting thread, amongst the others, could someone however please clarify the advice regarding contacting these people? Some say ignore completely, others say it is best to contact and ask them for English copies of everything. Which is best in these cases?
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