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  1. If it's the same as the others everyone else has received, just put you are disputing because of them not providing any relevant paperwork.
  2. Yes two in total, one not long followed the other. Both ADCB, one credit card and one loan.
  3. Both PAP forms received and signed for. Is it now 30 days they have to respond? Has anyone else received anything yet since returning the PAP response?
  4. Followed this and sent off the PAP responses, now a waiting game to see what comes next! Thanks again for everyones help.
  5. What does this mean for the rest of us? Does it change anything at all?
  6. Likewise! Absolutely everything I have ever found online about these things results in the same, people saying X/Y/Z has happened to them, then vanishing when asked to prove it. Call me cynical but I see why it is often though these people have some form of ulterior motive...
  7. Hi All Been reading the other threads about this issue but creating my own as that seems to be the general advice. I’ve had two come from Moriarty recently (within 30 days) one for a CC and one for a Loan. Exact same letters as others have received, just different amounts, account number and dates of course. I have drafted a PAP response using the links you provided and only completed the following: [removed - dx] Is this the right form of response? I will send to them via recorded delivery and keep copies for myself. I was holding off as I know @dx100uk had said that a response for everyone to use was in the works - should I still hold off or at least send the PAP response initially? Thanks for all of your hard work on things like this!
  8. Keeping a watchful eye on this as i’ve received exactly the same as others. WIll hold off any response until I see further info here. Great work as always guys!
  9. very interesting thread, amongst the others, could someone however please clarify the advice regarding contacting these people? Some say ignore completely, others say it is best to contact and ask them for English copies of everything. Which is best in these cases?
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