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  1. thank you, I mainly meant other gulf countries I guess. Outside of the UAE wasn’t sure if they all stuck together and shared info. outside of that, not bothered freely travel and no issues at all!
  2. Yep, will do! Is it worth me sending them my address one more time (in that email?) to be 100% certain they received it? I sent it to them all by post immediately after leaving the UAE. Or should I send again by post? The blank cheque thing is a disgrace really, can't believe it is even a thing... Never ending saga this! One question - I think the answer is NO...but is it ONLY the UAE I should avoid...or do they share status' with other neighbouring Arab countries? I.e. Qatar, Saudi etc etc? I don't ever plan on returning to the UAE, but just want to be sure I don't end up going anywhere else I should not whilst these vultures are circling..
  3. Nothing else from this lot so far...BUT...the end client has now started sending emails to me directly... Interesting as they DO have my address, I sent it to them (and all others) immediately after I left. --------------- Email: Attn: XXXX Ref: Outstanding dues in your Account number –XXXXXXXXX Dear Sir/ Madam, This is with regards to your Credit Card/Loan that you have availed from First Abu Dhabi Bank, UAE. We would like to remind you that you have explicitly agreed to the product Terms & Conditions which requires the repayment of all outstanding dues without any default whatsoever. Please note that there’s an overdue amount of AED XXXXXXX on your Credit Card/Loan account mentioned above as of the date of this letter. We are aware that you have left the UAE and are now residing in another country. We’d like to point out that you have failed to notify First Abu Dhabi Bank about your leaving the UAE and have not updated your new contact details/ address. Please be informed that we have presented your cheque which failed to clear and as a result we have filed a criminal case against you in UAE. If you fail to pay the outstanding, we will proceed to initiate further legal action against you as allowed by the law in UAE or in the country of your current residence. If we do not receive any payment from you to settle the above account within four (4) days from receipt of this mail, First Abu Dhabi Bank will exercise its right and initiate appropriate legal action against you to recover the outstanding amounts without any further notice to you. We look forward to hearing from you with the resolution of this matter. Should you need any further clarification, kindly contact us on +971-4-6075248 Best Regards, XXXXX Collections & Recovery Department First Abu Dhabi Bank/Dubai First --------------
  4. This lot (and the others) are an absolute disgrace, how on earth do our laws allow them to get away with it?!
  5. Thanks dx, I’ll sit tight now and see what else comes my way.
  6. They have replied (two letters arrived on the same day with different dates on them 2 or so weeks apart) one is their response to what I asked for in the PAP. The other is saying as they have responded to all queries from the PAP they expect a proposal within 7 days, else they anticipate instructions to issue proceeding without further notice…. What I asked for: 1. Original signed finance agreement together with the terms and conditions 2. Any notice of change in account terms and conditions that were ever issued since credit approval 3. Any notice of default or UAE equivalent that was issued by the original creditor 4. All and every statement of the account including how any interest has been calculated. Proof that UAE Court Judgement has already been gained upon said debt. 5. Proof the UK Pre Action Protocol allows a UK Solicitor to issue a Letter Of Claim and /or issue court proceedings concerning a UAE debt. The UAE is not a 'member state' . 6. Any and All other statutes of law, be them UK or otherwise, that the claimant intends to rely upon should they wish to proceed and issue a uk Court Claim Their response: 1. Please see attached additional copies, having been provided with our letter of claim (They have included an application form but this is 1000000% not my handwriting, a shady photocopy/made up document at best…) 2. The terms and conditions applicable to your account were provide with our letter of claim and are enclosed again; (They have included some generic T&C’s - could be for anyone…) 3. A notice of default if a concept under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, it is irrelevant in Circumstances where your agreement is governed by the laws of the UAE (Interesting….so only UAE law applies? I thought they were trying to state UK law also applies to these “claims” ?) 4. Please see attached additional copies, having been provided with our letter of claim (Statements have been sent, they are generic, do not show any spending or anything, all just credit shield, interest, insurances etc… they also just have a forename on the contact details, not specific to me, could be anyone with the same forename?) 5. No civil action has been commenced in relation to your outstanding liability to date; 6. The pre-action protocol does not discriminate against foreign creditors; and Our client's claim is a contractual one for breach of contract as a result of your failure to make payment of your outstanding credit card liability. “We trust this clarifies matters and we look forward to receiving your settlement proposals”
  7. Old credit card debt from the UAE (2014ish) - FBG are first gulf bank, now called First Abu Dhabi I believe. When I received a PAP previously from this lot, it was blank and I completed with advice from here (including my own personal details not theirs) so I’m assuming they’ve messed up this PAP? This is not one I’ve posted about before, this is separate. Heard nothing from them until a couple of weeks back. They’ve included some rubbish ‘evidence’ - none of it is signed by me; the handwriting is not mine, signature definitely not mine: the statements are garbage and don’t show anything relevant at all. They then included the PAP but where my name and details would go, they’ve put their own in. Which seems odd! Happy to scan it and upload it tomorrow when I’m back home if needed.
  8. Hi All Hope you all had a great Xmas! Quick Q - IDRa must be trying to cover costs for their expensive Christmas parties as they’ve started sending their version of Christmas cards again… They've sent a PAP, but I think they’ve messed it up, the Annex 2 Reply form they’ve posted to me to complete, they’ve put their own details in the section at the top where my name/address/telephone etc goes. Do I, A) file it away and ignore it as they’ve messed up the paperwork B) sent it back with their details crossed out and replaced with my own? thank you!
  9. Nothing else since the they went back to their client. @Andyorch when you said "Yes they also have 30 days to comply before considering litigation" does this now mean they cannot proceed as these 30 days have long passed? Or does the fact they went back to ask for more info buy them more time'?
  10. So do we know if this is only when people are carrying out fraud and such, and not just for people who have gotten into debt for whatever reason? The fact they are raising it in parliament could mean it is not actually fraud as we thought, and could just be someone (or others are they reference it has happened a number of times this year) who is stuck because the banks have set this red notice? Is there any way we can know if it has been done, or is it completely secret until the worst happens?
  11. Yeah that was what I took from the article too. Not like UAE banks chasing people who leave the country due to various circumstances, but a case of a foreign national presenting their own cheque into a UAE bank which then bounced, for whatever reason.
  12. Does anybody know more about how this could be possible? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-50302252 I have never known UAE banks actually follow through with reporting to Interopol even though they all threaten this! Is this slightly different to people leaving the country with unpaid debt, as it was someone attempting to pay an invalid cheque IN to a UAE bank?
  13. Of course, you can visit anywhere except gulf countries, make sure any flights you take do not have connections in gulf countries either.... avoid them until it is resolved.
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