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  1. I never received from Lowlife this kind of letter. That's why I was confused. Thank you letting me to know.
  2. Sorry for my way to expres myself. English is not my mother language.
  3. No I did not received any court claim form. This is the last letter I received from Lowlife.
  4. Hi again. Are few months since I did not come with anything new related my alleged debt and the claim from Lowlife. Not because they give up. In this time they kept sending me letters of claims, and I was replying back and asking them to produce the agreement they said I have breached. Of course, they never produce anything I have asked. Later on, in June-July this year, I start to receive letters from Fredrickson International. I have asked them the same thing I have asked Lowlife. After the third letter received from 'Fred' I just stopped to replay to them. Yesterday I have received from Lowlife a letter so called 'Pre-Legal Assessment'. The letter is signed by Graig White, and is threatening me that they will decide whether to transfer my account to their solicitor to take legal action against me. Should I respond to this letter or not. As I have read in the forum, this is a PHISHING letter. I did not change the address since they start to pester me. So can you please give an advice. Thank you.
  5. Actually I am a bit of afraid and that's why I was thinking to send a SAR request. To see what they got on me and to use eventually on my defense. But I will take the advice from dx100uk ( no point for a SAR ) and to wait for the time been. Thanks again.
  6. Hi. I'm going to send a SAR request to Three Mobile and I'm not sure what to ask for. I was thinking to ask for those info. Is there enough or should I ask for more. If yes, what I should ask for apart this: 1.A list of calls made during your service period with them 2.A list of SMS/MMS sent by you during the service period. 3.A list of payments made,which shows how the payments were made. 4.A closing balance. 5.Details of any fees/charges/ added. 6.Alist of any third parties or in house parties which have been passed your data. 7 Details of any collection activities for outstanding amounts,including credit reporting. Thank you for your herlp.
  7. I used MCOL and the password came with to replay. I wrote that I want to defend myself. Ok, I didn't now what to write in my defence, and I asked a friend to help me. None of us had knowledge about legal stuff so we wrote what we thought it mai help. I sent my defence to MCOL and only confirmation came back was that I enrolled with this service. After I received the CCJ I called County Court Business Centre in Northampton and I asked why my defence was ignored. I been told that they never received my defence. I told them that I have a confirmation as I enrolled with MCOL so they cannot say I never sent anything. I just been ignored. So that's my story in few words.
  8. All what I am trying to avoid is another CCJ. I already got one because of these for a debt ( which originally was around £450, ended to pay £1400 + court fees = 1750 ) At that time I binned all the letters from Lowlife and just ignored them. When I have received the court paper I used MCOL to replay ( my defence ). I had a confirmation ( email )for enrolling for MCOL and I thought they received my defence. Well...it wasn't what I thought and one month later I receive the decision which was a CCJ. I remember I send few email to an address related with MCOL asking what happened to my defence and why was ignored. I never received an explanation and I ended paying them. So what to do next? As they passed my debt to Fredrickson ( which is part of the same gang of interlopers - Lowell Group) should I ignore their letters? As I read in some forums ignoring them doesn't look to be a good idea. In few cases ( similar mine) Fredrickson passed the debt to Brian&Carter ( solicitors) and people ended going to the Court. Many of them like me...with a CCJ.
  9. Hi. Should I add anything more in this template of SAR? I mean something specifically and what my be helpful to/in my case? [removed template - dx]
  10. I used template letter from old [removed - dx] I am not keen in or with legal stuff. I took their advice. £600 is the amount they (Lowlife) pretending that I owe. In my credit files is showing Opening balance was £178, and the Default balance £178. So, I presume, Lowlife added the ''early termination fees''. I don't know. I will scan tomorrow the letter ( one if them) from Lowell and I will post it.
  11. Hi. Thank you for your replay. The default date should be somewhere around January 2013 ( as I remember) but looks like Lowlife changed the date with 4 months later - May 2014. The default balance was £178. It was. The parasites from Lowlife are asking now 3 times the original amount. So should I send to Three Mobile a SAR request? @renegadeimp. Thanks for your advice. I will send a SAR request to Three Mobile. Is there any template for a SAR request regarding a mobile contract? I don't now what to ask for. Regarding your question ( What is your reason for saying the debt isnt valid? ). Lowlife never provide me any documents I have asked for, apart so called Notice of Assignment, to proves that they have the right to claim I owed them money. Lots of letter I have sent asking for Deed of Agrement, Deed of Novation and the contract they said I have breached. So how can they prove they got the legal right to ask me to pay? @Bazooka Boo. In my credit files the Opening balance was £178, and the Default balance £178. The leeches are asking for £600. I don't what the leeches has included in the this amount of £600.
  12. Hello to all of you. For more than 2 years Lowlife harassed me with an old debt with Three Mobile. They claim that I breached the contract with Three and now I have to pay the outstanding debt. I asked Lowlife to show me the contract it was breached by me. They never send me anything and kept sending me the same letters ( about 25 letters in total up to now). At the beginning they sent so called Notice of Assignment. Actually was a fake where they used Three Mobile logo on the top of the letter with no signature - that was in Decembre 2015. Recently I have received a letter from Lowlife telling me that they passed my debt to Fredrickson International ( part of Lowlife group). The alleged debt has been passed to one of their 'approved' debt collection (what a joke). Should I send a Letter to OC/DCA passes account to another DCA? I will really apreciate if anyone can give any advice in how to deal with these parasites. Again me. I understood that a CCA request doesn't apply on mobile contracts. Is there anything else can I used to fight against them?
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